About Serveantage

Businesses with local roots are required by the nation’s economy, culture, and communities — those that create jobs, nurture their communities, and leave a lasting impression. Meet Serveantage if you’re looking for a stronger partner for your local business.

We think that small businesses are the lifeblood of any economy, and we are proud to contribute to the people and communities that utilize our product’s long-term growth. Our mission is to give customers simple technology that allows them to focus on what they love: their craft, while also helping them develop deeper client relationships. When it comes to connecting local residents with local businesses, Serveantage lives up to its name. We’re from the area. We all share a desire to encourage local commerce by allowing businesses to interact with customers in the communities where we live, work, and serve.

We exist to provide businesses with the information and marketing support they need to become more innovative and have faith in their potential to prosper with our aid. IQ: intelligent business solutions, tech, tools, industry-leading products, and insights from work with over 300K+ clients nationally, mixed with Serveantage trust, developed from years of valued journalism and community support across Gannett. Serveantage is the go-to-market brand that combines Serveantage TRUST with market-leading TECH, including solid marketing expertise. It is tightly aligned with our objective of enabling local businesses to prosper.

We empower communities to connect, act, and grow at Serveantage. Our mission is indispensable to consumers and marketers looking to build meaningful relationships with their communities. Our different perspectives, backgrounds, and areas of expertise are critical to reaching that aim. Join us on our mission to simplify local marketing so that businesses may grow. Your age, education, ethnicity, gender, language, disability status, national origin, parental status, race, religion, sexual orientation, work style, or everything else that makes you different or unique is recognized here. By cultivating a culture where everyone feels secure, accepted, appreciated, included, and comfortable being themselves, we can maximize our talent and contributions while also holding ourselves accountable for respecting differences and opinions. What are your plans for the future?

Recognize the value of working with a seasoned marketing partner

We aren’t newcomers to the area. We simplify the patient process by offering more innovative methods to engage patients, emphasizing a message that builds trust and leaves a lasting impression. We believe in transparency. Therefore, we built our client center so you can examine campaign reporting, see real-time outcomes, and listen to phone calls from potential patients.

Our data insights have been honed over years of working with healthcare organizations and keeping an eye on industry-shifting trends. With our clever technology that monitors your initiatives around the clock, you can rest assured that your marketing investment is in excellent hands. Through thorough preparation and decisive execution, we’ll lay out a marketing strategy that will help you meet and exceed your objectives.

What areas can we handle?

Local businesses:

The biggest goal of our business is to give local businesses the platform they need to succeed in their requisite categories. Our main team of professionals will simplify the complex patient journey. We have different business categories to look for. Some of those are disaster cleanup and restoration, plumbing and drain cleaning, heating and air conditioning, electrician, carpet cleaning and more.

If you have your business in any of these niches, then our team from Serveantage will be of best help. We will create a platform where you can list the name of your business. So, whenever any potential customer comes to our website for procuring services you offer, your business name will be at the top of the list.

Businesses get to work for hands in hand with seasoned marketers:

Join us if you are having trouble marketing and want to simplify local marketing tactics. We have a separate category for local businesses, where they can place their business and reach out to maximum customers. Whether you need help with campaigning, then our seasoned marketers will offer you the said platform. Some of our services are transparent reporting, campaign optimization, and innovative technology all under one belt. We are bridging the gap between businesses and customers.

The value behind data and information:

To engage prospective customers, you better work hard. But, with new technologies coming your way and changing the decisions that customers make, it becomes hard to know where to invest some bucks!

Well, not to worry as we offer a platform for listing out your business. Significant customers will come to learn about your business, along with all its details like address, phone number and success rate.  We will be creating a strategic plan to match your unit’s goal in every step possible. Right from planning your market to its final execution, we will help you in listing your business in our official website.

We will help you to create a genuine connection with the students to make it easier to find your online presence.

We specialize in affiliate marketing:

We have joined hands with multiple organizations from various corners of the country. That helped us bring in some winning marketing resources and solutions to our members. With us, you get to enjoy a new revenue stream!

Join us if you want to explore values related to the best products, award-winning technology, and well-trained marketing specialists. Once you have listed your company with us, you have the right to access our offers. We have patented innovative tools, cutting-edge technology, and data-driven goods coming your way! The best part is that our trained digital specialist is here to assist and guide you in this listing process!

A new source of income for you!

Our program not only benefits your customers, but it also benefits you! When clients or members use Serveantage’s marketing services, our Affiliate income sharing model generates an extra cash stream for your company.

With the necessary resources, you can demonstrate more value

Provide access to marketing tools, such as data, insights, guides, and best practices, to assist your business or agency provide more value to clients and members. Regular training sessions on several marketing themes and Serveantage-hosted events across the country are available to our partners and their clients.

We form alliances with the finest to ensure that you receive the best

Take our word for it, but don’t take our word for it. There’s a reason every major publisher recognizes us for our high-quality campaigns and expertise. Make the most of our collaborations to provide your clients with the best digital marketing chances and help them expand their businesses.