Are you looking for quality mold cleanup services in Utah? Serveantage has you covered! We provide comprehensive and professional mold cleanups that are guaranteed to leave your home or business looking and smelling better than before. Our cutting-edge technologies and equipment ensure the best results for your property.

Our experienced professionals are knowledgeable about all types of Mold Cleanup and take effective action. Quality Mold Cleanup Services in Utah are available 24/7. We understand the consequence of keeping your property or office clean and free of harmful molds, bacteria, and other pests. Our professional mold removal experts will do mold damage quickly and professionally. Contact us today for quality mold cleanup services in Utah!

Mold Removal


10 thoughts on "Western Restoration Home Pros"

  1. David

    When a tree fell on our roof during a summer storm, Western Restoration Home Pros carefully handled our water damage restoration job. As a result of our water damage and repair, we were grateful for Cameron's quick response. He was a great communicator and kept us informed of future work updates.

  1. James

    The Western Restoration Home Pros worked quickly, efficiently, and in constant communication to restore significant emergency water damage. Highly recommendable!

  1. Bryan

    We received excellent service from highly competent professionals! The Project Manager is exceptionally knowledgeable about the water disaster, has guided us through the remediation process, and has always been accessible by phone. He has also made all appointments on time. I would give him ten stars.

  1. Willie

    Over the phone, my wife told me that a sewage line had burst beneath our house, filling our basement. There is no way to describe how unpleasant that stench is until it happens to you. Western Restoration Home Pros arrived when I called. After cleaning up the sewage, they later repaired the water damage. They provided excellent water damage restoration. They satisfied me quite a bit.

  1. Louis

    Western Restoration Home Pros did a fantastic job removing mold from my home. You did the job when you said you would and for the price you promised. Your team was competent and courteous.

  1. Elijah

    I recently had the pleasure of working with Western Restoration Home Pros for a remodel and couldn't be happier with the results. Their team was professional, attentive and knowledgeable from the initial free estimate to project completion.

  1. James

    They were able to meet every one of my needs, and I am so thankful for their hard work. Highly recommend!

  1. Richard

    Kevin did a beautiful job of resurrecting my carpet. It looks great!

  1. James

    Positive: Professionalism

  1. Bart Grant

    Great service!!

10 thoughts on "Disaster Repair Team"

  1. Michelle M.

    Amazing service from extremely competent professionals! The Project Manager is knowledgeable in all aspects of our water disaster, has helped us navigate the remediation, and always accessible via phone. He has also made every appointment in time. I would give 10 stars if I could.

  1. Billy

    He is the best around when it comes to fire and water damage restoration.

  1. Michelle O.

    Disaster repair team came to my house to assess the damage and provide an estimate. They were super knowledgeable about what needed to be done, clean and efficient! They have a great customer service and I would highly recommend them.

  1. james

    When they came to survey the water damage, they were very detail-oriented and took care of every leak or problem quickly. They even helped me find a good contractor to help repair my home!

  1. Gene.H

    Our bathroom was a disaster. There were mold everywhere and we knew it was time to go to a professional mold remover. My husband found disaster repair team online and we decided to call them. They came out the same day, gave us an estimate on what they would do, and now our bath is back to looking great!

  1. Peter

    Disaster repair team is the best disaster restoration service out there. They are thorough, reliable, and reasonably priced. I am so glad that I found them!

  1. Olivia

    The disaster Repair Team is the best! After our house was damaged due to a storm, they were the first responders on the scene. They had a full-service team of attentive professionals who listened to our needs. They did a fantastic job with cleanup, repair and remodeling, and we couldn't be more satisfied with their service. Highly recommend!

  1. Noah

    I recently used Disaster Repair Team for a water damage issue in my home. I was incredibly impressed with their professionalism and attentiveness.

  1. Liam

    Disaster Repair Team They arrived on the scene quickly, assessed the damage, and got to work. The team was knowledgeable and gave me excellent advice throughout the process.

  1. Charles

    The disaster Repair Team has been a lifesaver. After our house was damaged in a storm, they were the first responders on the scene and have taken care of everything since then. We highly recommend Western Restoration Home Pros!

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