Transform your space with our expert painting and drywall services. Our experienced team delivers high-quality results, ensuring a flawless finish for your walls. From residential to commercial projects, trust Serveantage for all your painting and drywall needs. Enhance the aesthetics and durability of your property with our professional touch. Get a free quote today!

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How much time does it take to get a certain project completed?

At Serveantage, It takes us around a day or less to complete an ordinary interior room. We can usually finish in one day, but it may take a couple of hours the next day to finish a room due to dry touch-ups and times. Things move a little faster if you're doing many rooms at a time since we can choose to work on another room while the first one dries.

What If I Change My Mind on Paint Colors?

In situations where you change your mind on paint colors, there are many factors to put into consideration, including the size and type of the painted area, the type of window panes as well as other trim duties, the intensity and quantity of paint colors, the amount of security required for soft furnishings, the quality of paint utilized, and the extent of the surface paint preparation needed. Every one of these factors must be taken into account to offer you the best services.

Do you offer a warranty on the painting service?

Yes, we offer a warranty on all of our painting services. (For more information, read our warranty policy on Serveantage’s page.)

What should I look for when hiring a painting contractor?

When picking a painting contractor, there are a few factors to consider. Check to determine if they are licensed, insured, competent, and capable of doing the job at the very least. Look for organizations with a good reputation in Utah and can provide references (Serveantage). Any wall repairs, tape lines, or edges on the new drywall are your contractor’s responsibility. We are usually in charge of repairing the old walls if the house has a combination of old walls and new drywall.

How can I request a quote or schedule a consultation?

It's easy! Simply reach out to Serveantage through our website or contact our customer service team. We will be happy to provide a free quote or schedule a consultation to discuss your painting and drywall needs. With Serveantage, you can trust that your project is in capable hands from start to finish.

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