Utah Business Registration to Get More Customers in 2022-23


Finding a way to promote your local business in an increasingly digital world can be difficult. It isn't always enough to provide high-quality products or services. Your customer base can't hire you if they don't know where to find you! If you're a Utah business specializing in disaster clean-up, fire, electrical services, flooring, or several others, creating a free business listing with Serveantage will solve that problem.You can list your local business and ensure it's accessible and easy to find through our easy-to-use search engine. Serveantage is passionate about providing a platform for your local business listing and connecting you with the community that needs you. Completing your Utah business registration with us will make your business more accessible online and more likely to appear in search results. Serveantage offers a chance to engage with your potential customers, increase your visibility, and attract consumers who might not have discovered you otherwise! Don't just take our word for it. It's easy to see for yourself. Keep reading to learn how to list your business with Serveantage. We've made the process simple, and the results will speak for themselves. You'll be glad that they do! Why Do You Need a Serveantage Account? 

Are you asking yourself, "Where can I put free listings for my local business?" When it comes to expanding your customer base, it isn't as easy as pinning up fliers on posts or handing out business cards. In Utah, your competition is going to be doing more than that. To get ahead and stay ahead, take advantage of the best way to advertise your local business for free! You don't have to break the bank to get your name out there. Serveantage is the perfect budget-friendly solution to avoid getting lost in a sea of competitors whose names happen to be easier to find. How does Serveantage do it? The website serves as a directory and business information website for consumers. It also allows business owners to increase their chances of being discovered by new clients, thanks to the unique and helpful combination of local business reviews, effective local business marketing, and engagement.  Satisfied customers can review your business and let everyone else in the area know that your work is reputable and reliable. They can also use reviews to let you know of any improvement areas. How you interact with those reviews and clients can help your business just as much! Word of mouth is a powerful tool, and so is Serveantage. The most important part about Serveantage is that it gets your name in front of more people in your service area. Whether you're in Park City or Provo, your services are needed. Every day, people search for a handyman or need roofing work done. Don't let those opportunities slip away from you! At Serveantage, you're responsible for what people know about your business. Put out that you're a plumbing service in Salt Lake City! Consumers will call your business when their pipes burst. When it comes to local businesses, it makes the most sense to go for a listing with Serveantage. It allows you to focus on the area you're serving rather than worrying about getting swallowed up in a big Google search. Listing locally puts you right in front of your target audience, and that comes with many benefits you won't find just by hoping they come across you another way. You won't reap the reward from someone in Montana coming across your business if you're an electrician in Sandy. Serveantage puts your business in the line of sight of the people who need it. How to Set Up a Serveantage Profile

So you've made the right decision and are ready to get your business listed on Serveantage. That's the first crucial step in local business marketing, but what do you do? Keep reading for an easy-to-follow guide on setting up your business profile at Serveantage and start seeing results! It's a simple process and grants an excellent opportunity to show the best aspects of your business. It's not just about getting your contact information out but about showing what you can do. Create Your Account

First things first. Navigate to the Serveantage website and set up your free business profile through the 'Get Listed' link at the top of the page.You'll be prompte to fill in certain information about your business, such as the business name. The form will also have a box that allows you to indicate whether or not you've taken steps to verify your business. As you continue, you'll fill in 'Service Title' and provide customers' contact information. If you have a business website, you'll have the opportunity to include it in this step. You can create a service tagline, add a service banner image, and select whether or not you'd like your business to be a featured service. [free_consultation_form title="Contact us" subtitle="Register Your Business on Serveantage"]

Serveantage Agreement 

Once you've filled in all the appropriate information, you'll be taken to a document laying out the terms of our agreement with Serveantage. Read through this carefully for your understanding. If you agree with the terms, you can proceed by clicking 'Yes' to take the next step. Expanded Profile

After agreeing to the terms, you'll be taken to a longer page where you have the chance to fill in additional information on your free company profile. It's important that you fill in as much of this as possible, as the more customers know about your business, the more likely they are to use it!  You can upload additional images and include more contact information. This is also the section where you can add details about what your business does. In the 'Service Categories' section, you'll find a drop-down menu that lets you select from different offered services that Serveantage lists. These include floor refinishing, mold removal, roof installation, and many others. Specify a point of contact and your business's area, too!  The next section allows you to add highlights from your business.Show off! You'll get a bigger response if customers can see the beautiful job your business did with installing a metal roof last month or how thorough your service was in cleaning up after a flood. Add pictures, videos, and other information you'd like to share about your business. Verify

Once you've thoroughly filled in all the information, verify that this local business belongs to you! Serveantage and your customers need to know they're dealing with someone reputable, so it's a critical step. You can also search registered Utah businesses through the Utah State Website. It's all about guaranteeing success for businesses and customers. How to Optimize Your Profile

You can do a few things to get the most out of your Serveantage business profile. These are all in an effort to increase how often people see your business and how likely they are to use it. One thing feeds the other. Engagement and new business go on to yield more of both! List your business with Serveantage and you'll see that with your profile, you have the chance to control how much information you put out there. This is a situation where "more" should be your goal. Complete the Profile 

The most important step is to fill out as much of the profile as you can. More information allows customers to get to know your business and your work quality. It's easy to list a phone number and address, but you'll start to see real perks when you put yourself out there in a bigger way. Every section of your profile serves a purpose. They can let potential customers know where to find you, when they can get in touch, how often you're available, and whether or not you can handle emergencies. Not every business will answer these things the same way. They won't showcase the same work, and that's how you can stand out. In the profile, Serveantage provides sections to answer frequently asked questions about your work. This gives you a chance to anticipate what your customers might want to know. If you've been working for a while, those might come easily. Perhaps you've heard the same questions dozens of times and already have your answers ready. If you do, that's perfect! Include them. If a customer accesses your profile and sees that you've already answered what they would have otherwise needed to contact you for, they might be ready to move on to hiring you and working together! It smoothes the process for you and them. You can also use the profile to dig into the services you offer. If you work with flooring, you can let people know that you do the installation, refinishing, repairs, or whatever combination your business deals with. You should also indicate whether or not you have a 24-hour service, so when people have an emergency, they know whom they can contact!  Think of it this way: What would you want to know if you were a customer looking for a service? What questions would you ask, and what information would you look for? That gives you a useful guide on where to begin. Verify Your Information

Make sure that your contact information is up-to-date and correct. If your business has multiple phone lines or changed addresses, double-check that all the information you've provided is where clients and customers can find you. Ditch old company websites that don't function anymore, and include your updated one. Make sure your profile accurately reflects your information. Use Images and Video 

Text on a screen will never be as effective as showing your consumer base what you're capable of. Images of finished work, like pictures taken after clean-up if you work in disaster restoration services, will let customers know what to expect. A video of a beautiful, finished tile floor will yield a flooring contractor some new clientele. Solar companies can show off their seamless installation of solar panels and increase their odds of convincing someone to get off the fence and call them.The proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes. Your business profile gives you an awesome chance to show the pudding! Don't pass it up. Reviews and Answers 

Perhaps one of the best aspects of working with Serveantage is that your business has the chance to interact with former customers through their reviews. Stay on top of this feature and use it to cultivate your online presence. Answer questions and respond to reviews, and people will notice. Not every review will be positive, but dissatisfied customers can still have a good experience if you handle the situation correctly. The goal is to be helpful and understanding to maintain an overall professional atmosphere. Use Keywords 

One critical part of navigating the online world is learning the language. Including keywords in your profile will help boost your business in search engines. HVAC companies, plumbing services, roofing companies, and many others can garner more attention through clever keywords! Use them to get across what you do and the services you offer. Highlight Your Services 

Ultimately, your focus should be on getting out all the information to show and tell what your business does. Put it all out there. Showcase your jobs, list all the options customers have when hiring you, and make your business as available and accessible as you can. This will help you get the most out of Serveantage and your customers to get the most out of your business! How to Manage Your Business Profile 

Being present and attentive are the keys to successfully managing your business profile on Serveantage. Once you create a business profile, you are opening yourself up to real growth for your company! Registering a business in Utah doesn't have to be complicated, and the layout at Serveantage makes it as easy as possible to manage. If you're serious about engaging with clients and making yourself known, you'll have them from the moment you go through the company profile creation steps. Stay On Top of It 

You never want to let your information get out of date. If someone is looking for an electrician in our Utah-based companies, you want them to be able to contact you. Having an old phone number listed or incorrect business hours creates too many hoops for possible clients to jump through to get in touch with you. It takes only a few seconds for them to locate the competition and reach out to them instead. These might seem like small details, but they are vital in getting the most out of your profile and listing. Emphasize 

Following your Utah business registration, Serveantage will do its job and make sure your business is seen. You can go further, though! Keywords were mentioned in the previous section and are a fantastic way to increase visibility. If you want a tip: branch out! Don't just stick with one or two keywords that you think will work. You want to get in on every game and pin down a dozen or more. Showing updated pictures and videos can also help accomplish this. You don't have to keep the same old images on your profile forever. If your company or team does something noteworthy, work to include that in your profile and let people know! Seeing what your business is capable of allows customers to visualize better themselves getting the same kind of service. They're typically not searching on a whim but because they need what your company offers. They know they're getting the best when they see it for themselves. Anyone can make a claim in writing! Engage 

When customers search for a business through Serveantage, they'll see reviews for your business. These reviews present a chance to get a dialogue going with the area you serve. You can show gratitude when people leave kind or thoughtful reviews and encourage them to use your business again for future needs. For those who had less stellar experiences, use your replies to navigate what could have been done differently. Understand their concerns; you might do more than salvage one experience. You might win a customer for life!  Steps to Set Up Your Local Business on Serveantage

After reading about all the benefits you can get from setting up your business, it's time to do it! Registering a business in Utah doesn't have to be a headache. Just go to the Serveantage website and create your business account. It's a simple process. You don't have to set a whole day aside for this! Serveantage does the heavy lifting for you, and you must provide the right information about your business. Create, Claim, and Verify

After making your account, you'll be able to claim your business. Business name verification is important to create your business's most lucrative, true-to-life profile. That's the best way to get all the benefits of the service! Once you've created the account and claimed your business, you'll go through a verification process. This will be done by email and phone. Verification ensures that everything is connected correctly and belongs to the person or people claiming to be the owners. Think of this business verification service as a no-scam guarantee! Optimize Your Profile 

Above, you'll find plenty of tips and tricks to help you optimize your profile. Using Serveantage makes Utah business registration as hassle-free as possible. You can still take steps to make sure you spend your time (and the time of your business) wisely! Do everything you can to make a full, robust profile for your business. This is your shot to create and refine your image. The right branding helps people familiarize themselves with your company and gives them something to think about. They're more likely to remember your business and seek out its services. If you make an effort, people will notice. Cultivate something professional and recognizable, and stay on top of maintaining it! Take the Chance 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by creating a profile and listing your business with Serveantage. The people who live in your service area will be able to find your business when they need it easily, and you'll gain a platform to engage with customers and build your image. The benefits of listing your business are clear. You can expand your customer base and build a positive reputation among them. With the kind of boost Serveantage provides, you'll get your name out there exactly the way you want it. What are you waiting for? When someone hires your company, please encourage them to leave a review once you've finished your work. The more reviews you gather, the easier it will become for people to see that you're well-known in the area. This conveys a sense of reliability and familiarity and goes a long way in establishing your business as trustworthy. With enough time and effort in this area, your business could become a fixture in the community. [free_consultation_form title="Contact us" subtitle="Register Your Business on Serveantage"]


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