The Disaster Restoration Industry in 2023: Challenges and Solutions

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Disaster restoration is the cleaning and restoring of a property to its pre-disaster state. Disaster restoration services offer repair options for real estate and buildings harmed by a flood, fire, storm, rain, and mold growth. Disaster repair services also provide pre-loss planning to help avoid unforeseen harm. Disaster restoration is carried out by qualified businesses that thoroughly test and examine the property using advanced detectors and tools, assess the level of damage, and then restore it to its pre-loss form.

Due to several issues, including aging American homes and infrastructure, increasing storm intensity, an influx of wildfires, and frequent flooding, the American restoration sector has expanded to an astounding $210 billion yearly market. These restoration industry statistics suggest that the market for residential and commercial restoration will soar in the upcoming years.

Disasters can happen at any time, but one thing is for sure: they happen frequently. According to Marketwired, more than 14,000 people encounter water damage daily. These water damage restoration industry statistics suggest that consumers and insurers are forced to pay more than $10 billion in damages due to water leaks and frozen pipes each year in the United States. Home Advisor says the average cost to repair water damage ranges from $1,000 to $3,500 and can even exceed $6,000 if the damage is significant. Water damage is also costly. Since the average age of a home in the United States is close to 40 years old, it is projected that this kind of damage will persist.

Factors Affecting the Restoration Industry

Factors Affecting the Restoration Industry

People need help to plan thoroughly for a hurricane. Every structure will require emergency damage restoration at some point in its lifespan. Local restoration companies should pay attention to these aspects that affect how long repair will take to speed up and reduce the cost of the emergency damage restoration process.

An Increase in Natural Disasters

Unfortunately, we can anticipate increased natural disasters as the climate changes. This will increase demand for restoration services and present an opportunity for disaster restoration companies to help impacted individuals.

An Aging Population

Since older houses are more prone to water damage, mold growth, and other difficulties that call for expert intervention, we may anticipate an increase in the demand for restoration services as the baby boomer group ages.

A Growing Awareness of Indoor Air Quality

Several different health issues can be brought on by poor air quality. Buildings and dwellings harmed by mold growth or air pollution must be cleaned or repaired before they may be occupied. We may anticipate a rise in demand for disaster restoration services as more individuals become aware of the significance of indoor air quality.

The Most Common Problems in the Restoration Industry

 The Most Common Problems in the Restoration Industry

What are the most typical causes of restoration project failure? A final bill that is excessively expensive? Confused clients? These are specific responses from a restorer's point of view, although a client may feel very differently about the same issue.

Knowing what matters to your consumers is the first step in becoming a 5-star disaster restoration service provider. The two main issues clients had when a project went awry were identified in our examination of more than 1,000 negative internet reviews of restoration companies in the US:

Poor Communication

Failure to communicate effectively was cited in over 40% of all 1-star reviews, ranking as the top issue in the restoration business from customers' perspective. When concerns were extensively studied, three categories showed up repeatedly, prompting customers to file online complaints with Google Reviews to settle the score:

  • Ignoring calls from customers with concerns or complaints
  • Uneasy handoffs between the restoration and remediation teams
  • Staff not turning up at the scheduled time


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    Customers are already in a vulnerable mental state when flood cleaning services are required, and thus it makes sense that if they are neglected, not kept informed, or stood up at the scheduled time, they will become frustrated. This makes these derailments particularly dangerous.

    In one terrifying tale, a client described being stranded in a motel for months without getting any updates on their condition or learning when they would return home.

    The consumer becomes increasingly concerned, the business' profits are reduced, and to top it all off, they receive a negative review, which becomes a permanent "black mark" online to demonstrate how they handled this customer.

    The good news is that it's still possible to raise your company's internet ratings if poor communication practices harm it.

    Poor Workmanship

    Another of the most prevalent issues in the repair industry was customers criticizing poor craftsmanship, which was brought up in roughly 30% of all evaluations examined. Customers spend a lot on restoring their property, expecting it to be done correctly, and this is a consequential complaint.

    Here are a few of the most typical causes listed in customer complaints concerning subpar work:

    • Staff negligence
    • Jobs that were abandoned unfinished
    • Finished products that start to degrade after just a few weeks

    The breakdown frequently occurred when it was time to complete the final 10% of the project. Our investigation revealed that staff and managers tended to lose concentration and fail to complete tasks once the bulk of the work had been completed.

    We also observed numerous instances of workers needing to be more active, taking shortcuts, not knowing what to do, and relying on guesswork during our study. Whether deliberate or not, they all had the same effect: a 1-star review that bemoaned the poor caliber of the work.

    Poor artistry does not necessarily mean the end for your company, like any other issue. It's always possible to start implementing the proper procedures and standards your personnel can adhere to if you've previously been the target of these reviews.

    2023 Disaster Restoration Industry Trends

    technology solution in disaster

    technology solution in disaster

    Technology-Based Solutions

    Adopting technology solutions in disaster restoration is becoming necessary for business owners. You can only reduce risks and improve productivity by using advanced machinery. Moreover, the advanced tools help restoration teams offer high-level customer service.

    Every nation has severe concerns about disaster recovery. Disaster restoration needed to have been done correctly in the past. But as technology has advanced, we've been able to create better methods for recovering from catastrophic events.

    Technology plays a significant part in catastrophe restoration. The world is swiftly changing how we respond to crises, from alert systems to drones, and for many of us, this will be the first time we've ever used this kind of technology. It shouldn't, however, diminish its importance as a game-changer. This is an opportunity for us to create fresh approaches to catastrophe relief and impact reduction. We'll be able to avert these kinds of catastrophes at some point soon wholly. But in the interim, let's make the most of this fantastic technology.

    Offer Do-It-Yourself Products

    Many clients seek convenient options to restore their homes and office after a disaster and contact restoration services to bring their property back to life. But, some people prefer DIY tools and techniques. To stay in the disaster recovery market, you must develop DIY solutions for these clients. You can fill a considerable market gap by introducing DIY tools to the client so that they can restore their homes after a disaster.

    Green Restoration

    Global warming and greenhouse gases are the primary reason for natural disasters. Therefore, we should implement ideas to protect the environment in different fields and industries. You can use eco-friendly tools and equipment for disaster restoration as a contribution to improving the environment. As a result, potential clients will appreciate your business for going green and prefer contacting you rather than competitors.

    If you want to thrive in the competitive market, it is necessary to grow your business with the target audience. If you evolve with customer behavior, it will be easier for you to survive. Many people are moving to eco-friendly settings and solutions to deal with global warming. If you want to engage them with your business, become a green restoration service provider. This will not only give a competitive edge but improve the reputation of the disaster restoration industry.

    Use Social Media

    Social media in disaster emergency businesses can work as a marketing and customer service tool. You can engage with the target audience and boost your market visibility on different platforms with the target audience. Moreover, you can create a community on social media platforms to generate more leads and reach a larger audience.

    Offer Mobile Services

    Mobile services offer convenience to customers in different sectors. That's why businesses in various industries are offering mobile services to build trust and confidence within their target audience. Because of the increasing demand, we expect mobile services to become necessary in the disaster restoration business soon. Therefore, you have to adopt the services anytime in the future. However, early adoption will benefit you if you want to bring credibility to your business and stand out in the market.

    How Should Disaster Restoration Company Prepare for 2023?

    How Should Disaster Restoration Company Prepare for 2023?

    The demand for disaster restoration is expanding due to global warming and other factors leading to increased disasters. Therefore, you and the team should stay ready and prepared to deal with any situation in your neighborhood. We are done with the first month of the year, and it's always possible to adopt new trends. Firstly, follow the abovementioned top directions and introduce technological solutions to your disaster restoration business. Secondly, you should follow these tips:

    Invest in Marketing and Advertising

    The competition in the disaster restoration industry is drastically increasing, with new businesses with new ideas and innovations taking over the market share. The best techniques to boost brand recognition in the disaster restoration business are spreading awareness and engaging with the target audience. Promote your company through marketing campaigns and increase your presence on social media platforms. Identify the platforms with high digital footprints of the target audience and share educational and exciting content. Restoration company marketing and advertising increase brand visibility and contribute to business growth.

    Expand Your Services

    Although you might offer specific disaster restoration services to potential customers, expand your services. Bring variety to what you can do for your customers. Conduct a competitive analysis and learn where your competitors could be better in the market. Also, understand your target audience and find what they want from your business. Ultimately, you are in the disaster restoration business to meet the target audience's needs. Make sure your potential customers receive all types of services from your company. That's how you will always stay in demand and divert considerable market share toward your business.

    Invest in Technology

    Every industry is adopting the latest technology, and for good reasons. Technology reduces employees' efforts and ensures the restoration process is successful. If you want to satisfy your customers and demonstrate professionalism to the target audience, then integrating advanced equipment and software with your business is the right thing to do. Moreover, you can use various platforms and tools to improve different sections of your business. For instance, you can add customer service applications to meet customer demands. Also, this shows that you are dedicated to your company and clients.

    Hire Qualified Staff

    Training your employees is also essential to satisfy your clients' needs. You can hire qualified staff and conduct monthly or yearly evaluation tests to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your technicians.


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