Wildfire in Utah: How to Protect Your Home or Business

fire damage

Wildfires are one of the biggest problems faced by the localities in the Utah region. The risk of wildfires is pretty high because they are rather frequent. Statistics reveal there are over 800 to 1000 wildfires in Utah every year. These wildfires cause damages worth thousands of dollars. They can be a serious problem without a fire damage restoration service.How do wildfires start?

The reasons for wildfires in Utah vary depending on their location and the exact situation. However, experts have divided the leading fire causes into the following domains:

  1. Campfires
  2. Fireworks and firearms
  3. Vehicles and unsecured chains

These wildfires can become serious if the locality is not careful with its actions. For example, most of the wildfires in Utah occur because of campers. These people are unaware of the locality and the risk of fires. A simple mistake by these visitors can burn hundreds and thousands of trees within the area.For instance, these campers may leave the campfires running even when they are not around. It's a serious hazard that can quickly spread fire throughout the greenery.  Similarly, these campers may have fireworks for celebrations or carry firearms for safety. These essentials carried pose a severe threat to the people in the area.

Natural Causes of Wildfires

natural cause of wildfire

Official wildfire investigations have shown clear data about the reasons for wildfires in the Utah region. Not all of these wildfires are man-made. Lightening and volcanic eruptions are the leading causes of wildfires.The biggest problems with these natural causes are that they are mostly unpredictable and cause great damage. It's impossible to stop these wildfires from occurring, but you have to understand these causes to counter them.Lightning

A single lightning bolt has a temperature of 50,000 0 F, enough to start a fire in a forest. Because of these higher temperatures, trees, plants, and other greenery are highly susceptible to fires. Reducing the chance of fires being created by lightning in the forest is crucial. It is where the fire damage restoration servicecomes to the rescue. These professionals get information about the lightning fire area and its intensity and show up with the required workforce and equipment to control the fire from spreading further. The chances of fires from lightning are relatively lower, but its impact can be devastating.Volcano Eruption

Another common reason why wildfires occur naturally is because of volcano eruptions. These volcanoes throw out piping-hot magma, which is molten rock. These rocks can cause wildfires wherever they strike. It's crucial to contact a service for fire restorationin these cases and resolve the problem quickly.

Human Causes of Wildfires

human cause of wildfire

Human errors cause most wildfires in Utah and other surrounding areas. People make mistakes that can enrage a wildfire without them realizing it. According to statistics, nearly 96% of wildfires are caused by human error.Therefore, learning about the human causes of wildfires is important. Here's a breakdown of some of humans' most common causes of wildfires.

Campfire Escape

  • Campfires set by humans are one of the most significant causes of wildfires in any region. The campfires may not be a threat themselves, but leaving these wildfires unattended for long periods can increase the risk of fire spreading. The campfire can escape because:Camp stove malfunction
  • Careless matches discard
  • Careless placement
  • Fire play
  • Improper accelerants use
  • Improper clearance
  • Improper coals/ash discard
  • The improper extinguishing of campfire
  • Leaving it unattended

Therefore, learning the right measures to avoid these mistakes plays a vital role. It'll save you from hiring a fire restoration service in case of a fire.Arson

Arson is a criminal activity where individuals deliberately try to start fires in the locality to fraud insurance companies or other gains. It's a serious offense and can land you in jail with heavy fines. "Hot sets" are mainly used to start the fire in the wild and account for 20% of man-caused wildfires. The exact number of arson fires may still be unclear because the official reports may list them under other reasons.

Power Lines

  • Fires resulting from power lines malfunction are a common problem that might require disaster clean-up companies. These power lines are responsible for the distribution of electric current throughout the region. Malfunctions in these power lines can cause serious damage and lead to large-scale wildfires. The distribution networks may include the following:Arcing
  • Fuses
  • Lightning arrestors
  • Loose connectors, etc.
  • Transformers
  • Vegetation contact
  • Wildlife Contact

Vehicle Use

Heavy construction and vehicles in forest areas are other common reasons for wildfires. The vehicles emit a lot of heat, which can potentially cause wildfires in the region. Ignition can also occur if these vehicles break down during their transport.  The exhaust system and the catalytic mechanism within these vehicles is the main driving force for the fires in these scenarios.

Debris Burning

  • Uncontained burning piles and barrels are one of the region's most prominent reasons for wildfire breakouts. Following are some of the most common scenarios where burning debris can cause wildfires:Burn barrels
  • Burn piles, yard debris
  • burning personal items
  • Distress/signal fires
  • Ditch/fence line burning
  • Land clearing
  • open trash burning
  • other escaped controlled burning
  • pest control
  • Right-of-way hazard reduction


Unextinguished or discarded cigarettes are one of the most common reasons you may cause wildlife. The tobacco is not chemically treated, which can increase the chance of developing fires if these discarded cigarettes come in contact with the greenery. Therefore, you should always ensure discarding the cigarettes properly. Read detailed guide about, "How to Deal with Smoke Damage In Utah"


Fireworks are used by campers for celebration but can lead to wildfires. These fireworks can instantly turn into flames if they come in contact with the greenery in the wild.Therefore, it's best to avoid using them or at least follow the safety protocols. It can save you from hiring total flood and fire restoration professionals too.


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    How Wildfire Restoration Happens

    wildfire restoration

    Wildfire restoration is a complicated process that spreads through different phases. Understanding these steps is crucial before hiring someone or working on wildlife restoration after a fire yourself is crucial. Following are some of the most common steps a fire restore service may perform when you contact themStop the Spread of the Fire

    The priority in wildfire restoration is to stop the damage from spreading. Professionals focus on controlling the wildfire and containing it. They might use various techniques based on the severity of the wildfire they are dealing with. Once they can stop the fire spread, they can move on to restoration. These professionals may also provide you with food, shelter, and other necessities in this time of distress.Assess Damages

    The Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) teams are responsible for checking the severity of damage caused by the wildfire. Once they know the level of damage they're dealing with, they can plan a response to the situation and find the most suitable solutions immediately.Prioritize Area

    Erosion control is one of the biggest priorities for BEAR professionals to stop the spread of fire to extended areas. The professionals prioritize the damage severity according to low, moderate, and high and handle it, respectively. The high sensitivity of burnt acres needs to be controlled too.Restore Damaged Forests

    The professionals working on wildfire control start restoring the forest damage by planting new trees and renewing the greenery. Restoration of the forests may take some time because of plant re-growth. However, it's pretty easy for the forest to regain its strength. Contact Insurance Company

    The standard fire insurance companyis responsible for catering to most wildfire costs. However, these professionals must inspect and gather information and evidence before allowing the required coverage.

    Who Can You Go To For Help After Wildfires?

    help after wildfire

    Knowing the proper authority and teams to contact after the wildfire can help you resolve the problem as soon as possible. The main reason wildfire damage increases are that individuals may not know the proper authorities to contact. Here's a list of some of the best organizations you can visit after wildfires.FEMA

    Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is the top choice of organization you might want to visit after a wildfire. They provide distressed victims with food, resources, shelter, and other basics. You can inform FEMA about the emergency before you expect someone to come for a Utah disaster clean-up.

    Red Cross is an international NGO (non-governmental organization) that serves people worldwide. It is one of the most renowned organizations providing fire damage restoration in Salt Lake City services to distressed victims. Moreover, the Red Cross has the resources, experts, and teams ready to provide people with the necessary assistance.Local Fire Damage Restoration Company

    Ensuring a fireproof home safe is a significant concern for most people. Hiring a local fire damage restoration serviceis smart because they are easily available and understand the region's geography. They know the areas well and can prioritize the fire damage intensity as required.These professionals are trained and have the equipment to contain these wildfires as quickly as possible. If you are at risk of wildfires, we recommend contacting these services and finding the best solutions.

    Bottom Line Protecting homes and businesses from a wildfire in Utah is a serious concern. These wildfires can lead to severe damage and thousands of dollars worth of financial loss. Therefore, we recommend following the tips we've mentioned in this guide. If you still have more questions, Serveantage professionals are available to contain and control wildfires. They can help you start with the restoration.

    Common FAQ about Wildfires Restoration

    Fire Damage Restoration Company

    Most people stuck with wildfires in Utah face severe problems because they do not know the right solutions.You can make the Salt Lake City disaster clean-up easier and quicker for the NGOs and the professional services if you have the correct information. People have different questions about wildlife restoration, but here are the most common ones.

    How long does it take to recover from wildfires?

    The recovery period from wildfires varies based on the severity of damage done. However, in most cases, it can take up to 76 years on average. It is why starting with wildfire restoration is essential. The sooner you begin the process, the sooner the wildfire gets under control. However, if you need a more precise time frame, we recommend discussing it with a professional. 

    What is involved in the fire damage clean-up?

    The fire damage clean-up process is a complicated step-by-step process that may vary based on the extent and the type of damage. The professionals working on the clean-up process must start by controlling the fire, then identifying the areas that suffered the most. Here's a breakdown of the entire process involved in the damage clean-up in forest wildfires. 

    1. Stop the Spread of the Fire
    2. Assess Damages
    3. Prioritize the Area
    4. Restore Damaged Forests
    5. Contact the Insurance Company.

    These steps provide the professionals with a systematic approach to recovery of fire and water damage and restoring the area to its former look.

    How quickly does a home recover after a wildfire?

    Home recovery after wildfires is relatively faster. Most homes can recover from wildfire damage in 3 to 5 years. It depends on the kind of professionals you're willing to hire and the extent of damage the surrounding area has gone through. Therefore, we recommend consulting wildfire restoration professionals before taking any final steps.

    Why do I need to hire fire damage and restoration experts?

    The fire damage restoration experts are better than following a DIY approach to fire restoration in Salt Lake City. The fire damage can extend and increase the property and financial damages inflicted. These professionals offer:

    1. Expert fire control
    2. Quick solutions for maximum results
    3. Strategized approach
    4. Target-oriented step-by-step approach.

    Why should I choose Serveantage to help me recover after a fire?

    Serveantage is one of the best companies for wildfire in Utah restorations. They have years of experience and can provide you with on-time solutions. We recommend contacting their professionals and finding the best support for wildfire restoration in Utah.


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