At Serveantage, we provide a connection between great local businesses and customers. We urge everyone to treat each other with utmost respect and honesty. These general guidelines are in place to help set to avoid stirring emotions just in case. 

Do well to read the additional guidelines provided below. It specifies some content you might want to add to the site.


All contributions should align with the aim of the site. For example, consumer experience through reviews shouldn’t have topics relating to political ideas/beliefs, religion, or anything not relating solely to consumer experiences.

Inappropriate content

Imagery and colorful language are allowed on the forum, but no situation allows for threat, hate speech, insulting and demeaning words/statements, indecent and offensive sexual conduct, harassment, or any form of bigotry display

Conflicts of interest

Serveantage needs you to give objective and unbiased contributions. You are not allowed to write reviews for businesses owned by friends or relatives, your competitor, or a peer in the industry. Business owners should not request reviews from their customers.


You are not allowed to make people’s information public. It should be kept private. You should not post close-up videos and photos of other customers without their permission. You are not allowed to address anyone with their full name except if that person is commonly addressed that way.

Promotional content

The only promotional content allowed is the one connected to the Serveantage product, and the post must be through a Business Account. We aim to keep the site free from commercial noise and stick to providing only helpful content to consumers without overrunning them.

Intellectual property

You can only post your photos and videos and write your copy. Do not copy or take content from other users or sites. It’s highly unacceptable. 

Additional guidelines

Review Guidelines

Review is a way to understand your consumer experience, having insightful, personal, and passionate views on their experience. Prospective consumers rely on these reviews to get detailed and helpful tips. 

Below are more thoughtful ways to give your review.

Personal experience

Irrespective of what you must have heard from a friend, partner, or co-worker, please tell us about your personal experience. We want to listen to your own story without minding the generalized expertise. 


You are free to say your opinion with correct facts and stand behind your review. Do not exaggerate your experience or misrepresent your review.

Demanding Payment

Reviews on Serveantage solely help the larger community with more information. It would help if you did not threaten any business by giving them a negative comment. You are also not allowed to offer to take down a negative word in exchange for money.

Review updates

Any review update should have a new customer experience with the business. It will help if you are not repeating the same review about the same thing. You can edit your check within 30 days of posting it should in case you want to add something new to a previous experience.

Photo and Video Guidelines

Any photo or video you post should be exclusively relevant to the business and what the consumer experience is expected. Your company has to offer, what your product looks like, and what your consumer will benefit from. It will help if you show what makes your business different from others.

Below are other things to keep in mind 

Keep it relevant to everyone

The site will eliminate any photo or video that depicts any irrelevant experience regarding other people, like emails or receipts between customers and business owners.

Please keep it clean

Serveantage does not welcome images showcasing drug abuse, nudity, violence, or any image that suggests the viewer’s discretion. It doesn’t matter if those images represent the business, product, or service rendered.

Keep it friendly

As simple as a picture, you can read a thousand meaning it. Any image of choice should have a clear and direct review message. No photo or video should be used to belittle or attack others on the platform.

Community Guidelines

It would help if customers are outspoken; use your profile to tell people who you are and what you make. Do not fill your profile with inappropriate information or keep it empty because others would love to read reviews from people they know and trust their judgment.

User Profiles

We encourage honesty, transparency, and frown on dishonesty. Customers should tell people about themselves and not attack any competitor, a person giving a review on the platform. Any anonymous user will be dealt with accordingly. No one can send the profile with special offers, keywords, or promotions attached. If anyone is found guilty, we will remove them immediately.

Consumer Messaging

We have a unique feature that allows consumers to communicate and connect. We encourage you to refrain from using this medium to harass or send inappropriate content to one another. It would help if you never forget that the consumer’s account is solely for non-commercial purposes.

Business Messaging

In cases of dispute, businesses can send a message to reviewers to know why they might be unhappy and how to resolve that. This should be done with a free business account. Business owners can also respond to a review publicly with a comment. We hope it never happens, but no business owner should message a consumer directly or openly with a threat regarding their study. All business representatives should upload a clear and recent picture of themselves; this will help consumers personalize their message. 

Ask the Community

At Serveantage, we need you to ask questions when you don’t understand anything. Asking or answering community questions is very valuable to businesses. Prospective consumers go through such questions to satisfy some of their curiosity. Consumers should not make assumptions but only ask relevant and straightforward questions. For example, “Where can I get the best ice cream in town? ” such a question will get a clear and more detailed answer. Answers should be friendly and non-argumentative.