When a fire is in your home, you want it to be cleaned up as quickly and effectively as possible. That's why we're here! We offer fire damage cleanup services that will help restore your home to its former glory in no time. With our years of experience, we understand how important it is to get the job done right the first time. Our fire damage services include general cleaning, debris removal, acrid smell, etc.

Our professional experts will ensure your property is restored to its pre-existing state, providing all the damaged parts are fully repaired and restored. Plus, they'll do everything they can to minimize any further damage that may occur moving forward. So don't delay - call us right now!


10 thoughts on “Allied Restoration

  1. serveantage

    Allied Restoration assisted us in repairing an unexpected water issue that had affected a wall.” They arrived the same day we called and provided a detailed breakdown of how to best resolve the issue and a detailed estimate the following day. They were the only company that truly understood the problem and proposed additional solutions that no other company had considered.

  2. james

    We liked everyone because the Allied Restoration team was very informative and excellent from the start. Our house was damaged, and we urgently require damage restoration services. They walked us through each step and answered all of our questions. Thanks to this crew, our house is dry and on its way back together.

  3. Noah

    Water mitigation and flood damage restoration were completed on time, efficiently, and professionally. The water-damaged drywall was cleaned professionally, and the humidity level was checked daily by Allied restoration team. We were always contacted ahead of time to ensure that we were available.

  4. Oliver

    Very knowledgeable and professional. Water damage was quickly cleaned up, not disrupting daily household activities. We were able to save personal belongings that we thought were lost. Outstanding work, gentlemen!!!!

  5. Robert

    They were extremely detailed in explaining all repairs and dealing with our insurance company. Every morning, the crew was on time. Also, they were whenever they said they’d be there at a certain time. The employees were extremely helpful, and my wife felt safe leaving her children with them.

  6. Mary

    I can’t say enough good things about the Allied restoration team! Excellent, dependable, and highly professional. They went over each step of the cleanup and restoration process with me and answered all of my questions. This excellent, responsible, and thoughtful company deserves more than 5 stars!!!

  7. Michael

    Allied Restoration removed the mouldy drywall that the leaking air conditioner caused it. The allied restoration team was delightful. They kept the area sealed while they worked. The work area was very clean when I left. They come highly recommended.

  8. Mason

    Excellent service. They arrived at my door within hours of the fire damage, ready to assist. They explained everything and were available to me via email the entire time I was away from home. I hope no one ever needs this service, but if you find yourself in a situation where you need a company to move all of your belongings out, this place is excellent.

  9. Evelyn

    Throughout the mould remediation process, I was kept up to date on what was going on, and the affected homeowners were grateful for the prompt but thorough service… The homeowners in those properties were extremely pleased with the workmanship. Knowing that Allied Restoration could handle the job took a huge weight off my shoulders.

  10. Harper

    After my house flooded, I was referred to Allied Restoration for asbestos testing. They did an outstanding job. Allied Restoration team was prompt in arriving and ensuring everything had been done correctly. The owner and office manager were extremely accommodating! I wholeheartedly recommend them!

9 thoughts on “Disaster Doctors

  1. David

    Our water damage restoration job, resulting from a tree falling on our roof during a summer storm, was extremely carefully handled by Disaster Doctors. Cameron was a great communicator and consistently informed us of upcoming work updates and accomplishments. We were grateful for the quick response following our water damage and repair.

  2. James

    Significant emergency water damage was repaired by Disaster Doctors, who worked quickly, efficiently, and in constant communication. Highly suggestible!!

  3. jesica

    Nobody wants to work with a business deploying with unforeseen disaster emergencies. Disaster Doctor’s home damage restoration was quite comprehensive and helped me feel at peace. Without a doubt, I’d recommend them once more.

  4. Thomas

    Full-service company for water and fire damage restoration! They arrived on schedule and were friendly even though I needed to use a big dehumidifier. Despite being a modest business, they offer top-notch customer support. If you require disaster restoration services, contact them for a professional service.

  5. Richard

    After significant rains, Disaster Doctors, Utah, quickly arrived with the equipment to eliminate water damage from my property. Regarding response time and customer service, we were really satisfied.

  6. William

    I am very pleased with the company’s contact after significant loss to fire damage. The business has been very kind, considerate, and concerned about its clients and has over years of expertise in fire damage restoration. Words cannot express my gratitude for everything Disaster Doctors has done for us!

  7. Louis

    The disaster Doctors team did a fantastic job cleaning up the mold in my home. Your mold damage restoration work was completed when you said it would and for the price you promised. The team you put together was competent, cordial, and diligent.

  8. Willie

    My wife informed me over the phone that a sewage line had burst beneath the house, filling our basement. Until it happens to you, you have no idea how unpleasant that stench can be. A team of professionals arrived when I called Disaster Doctors Restoration. They started by cleaning up the sewage, and I later hired them to repair the water damage. They provided excellent water damage restoration. I was pretty satisfied with them.

  9. Bryan

    We were having issues regarding sewage, so I called the Disaster Doctors Restoration service. They responded right away and performed a fantastic sewage backup cleaning. The entire room flooded because the issue started in the basement; thus, I needed flooded basement restoration services. Thank God this business answered the phone when I called!


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