Fire Damage Restoration Service in Utah – Step By Step Guide

Fire Damage Restoration Service in Utah

Fire damage restoration is a procedure that helps bring smoke and fire-damaged property to its former condition. Restoration and fire cleanup jobs often take weeks and months because of the incredibly destructive nature of fire disasters. Restoring fire damage is significantly more difficult compared to water damage, as the latter only requires cleaning up water and drying the affected area. What’s more, unlike water damage restoration, which can usually be done within a few days, fire damage restorations require double or even triple the time.

It is also worth keeping in mind that water and fire damage can happen simultaneously. If you encounter something like this, you will require professional cleaning after a fire damages different parts of your property. Fire damage restoration often involves things like soot, odor and debris removal, removal of various hazards like asbestos and lead and a lot more.

While you may be tempted to do some restoration work by yourself, it would be best to steer clear of it and leave the job to the professionals.

Sources of Fire Damage

Common source of fire damage in Utah

Fire damage can happen because of a multitude of reasons. However, mentioned below are some of the most common sources of fire damage.

Flame Damage

flam damage restoration in Utah

There are different forms of flame damage, and all of them depend on the fire’s main cause. For instance, an electrical fire may have a different impact on your home in comparison to fires caused due to a naked flame (match, candle etc.) Keeping all of this in mind, opting for a restoration service that knows about the various fire damage types is vital.

This is because subpar rebuilds often result in more problems down the line, making your property unsafe. Without proper Utah fire restoration services, there is a good chance your property could encounter unseen electrical or structural damage problems.

Smoke Damage

smoke damage restoration in Utah

More often than not, smoke damage is caused due to the lasting impact left behind by fire damage. Believe it or not, smoke damage can last for weeks, if not months, even after you put the fire out. The smoke is caused by damage to the various objects on your property, including your furniture, flooring, ceilings, walls etc.

Smoke can also discolor the surface of your property and can be incredibly tough to wipe away. This is why getting a fire restoration draper ut to remove the smoke damage would e a wise choice.

Damaged Caused by Other Substances

utah fire damage restoration

Contrary to popular belief, fire damage is not limited to the destruction caused by smoke and flames. In fact, house fire often results in a variety of other vulnerabilities and problems. For instance, the water utilized by firemen can enter your floorboards and walls, causing them to warp and swell. This can cause the floorboards to rot, which you may need to replace.

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    Steps to Restore Fire Damage in Utah

    Fire smoke damage cleanup can be an incredibly lengthy process, no matter how much the damage is. Mentioned below are a few steps that most fire damage storage companies tend to follow.

    Hire a Local Fire Damage Company in Utah

    local fire damage company utah

    Restoring fire damage alone can be challenging and is not advised. It would be best to get a team of licensed professionals to do the job for you, so hiring professionals who perform smoke damage restoration would be ideal.

    Upon arrival, these experts will secure your house, assess the damage and follow several other steps to ensure your property and most of the items in return for their pre-damage condition.

    Securing the House

    No matter which fire damage restoration service you hire, the first thing they will do is secure your house. They will do this by removing the fire and smoke in your house, ensuring it does not spread any further. This step could take a long time, but saving your property from further damage is vital.

    Assessment of Damage

    fire damage analysis

    During the first phase of the assessment, fire restoration experts will inspect your property to see if it is safe to start the renovation procedure. They will do this by gauging the extent of the damage. Doing so will give them a clear idea of how long the renovation process could take and its possible cost. While some homeowners prefer completing a part of this procedure by themselves, it is best to leave it to the renovation experts, who are trained to identify different signs of damage, which may not be visible to the untrained eye.

    Water Removal and Drying

    water removal service utah

    More often than not, homes that suffer from fire damage also have a great deal of water damage. Even if the fire damage does not cause water damage directly, there is always some water left after extinguishing the fire. The fire damage restoration experts will remove all the water from your property and dry it, ensuring they can proceed to the next step of the process.

    Removing Smoke and Soot from Surfaces

    House fires often leave behind an enormous amount of debris and wreckage. Believe it or not, even a small amount of fire is capable of burning through a massive chunk of your property and belongings within a very short period, leaving behind plenty of smoke residue, water, dirt and soot. Fire damage restoration experts have to remove these items entirely to ensure they can proceed with the cleaning process.


    his part of the restoration process is relatively straightforward as it only requires the professionals to clean the dirt and grime left after the fire damage. While this step involves only cleaning, it can be quite time-consuming because fire damage can mess up your entire house. While you can clean some parts of your house by yourself, you will require an expert’s help to spot and clean certain parts of your property that are hard to reach and clean.


    Of course, restoration is the final part of the procedure, and it involves reinstalling or replacing the flooring, paint drywall and various aesthetic and functional components of your property. Homeowners can even request restoration companies to renovate their home entirely, giving it a brand new look.

    Reasons to Hire Fire Damage Restoration on Serveantage

    damage restoration service utah

    While there are plenty of fire damage restoration companies out there, the professionals working at Serveantage are arguably the best, and the reasons mentioned below prove why.

    Fast Response

    fast response time in fire restoration

    The last thing you want during a fire damage incident is a restoration service that does not respond on time. Remember, the longer you start the restoration process, the more difficult and costly it will be. So, it would be best to acquire the services of professionals who value your time. The professionals are Serveantage well aware of the importance of timely and prompt responses and will arrive at your property as quickly as possible.

    Better Skills, Training and Experience

    utah skilled fire damage restoration

    As mentioned earlier, fire damage restoration can be quite a challenging task and has a lot of obstacles involved. While you may want to save some money and hire someone who does not charge much because of their inexperience, it could prove to be a massive mistake. If anything, it could result in further complications, costing you more money in the process.

    Fortunately, you can avoid these problems by acquiring the services of the professionals at Serveantage. These experts are chosen after a detailed vetting process that ensures they have the experience, training and skills to perform professional fire damage restoration.

    Reduce the Severity of the Damage

    Damaged caused by fires can be quite severe and render your belongings and keepsakes useless. In most cases, there is no point in trying to reduce the damage by yourself as it requires someone with skill and experience. The experts that Serveantage offers have the knowledge and expertise to minimize the severity of the damage, ensuring you don’t have to spend too much money to repair or replace the stuff in your home or office.

    Avoid Insurance Problems

    fire damage restoration Insurance claim

    Fire damage restoration jobs come with plenty of dangers and health hazards. If you hire someone to perform restoration services on your property and they end up hurting themselves, you could be sued for liability. This is why it is important to hire professionals who are covered by insurance. The experts at Serveantage are covered by insurance, which means you can hire them with complete peace of mind and avoid insurance problems.

    Access to Cutting Edge Technology

    fire damage restoration new technology

    Restoration is a complex job that requires specialized tools. If you come across someone who claims that they will renovate and restore your house without the use of certain equipment, there is a good chance that they are inexperienced or not very good at their job. To avoid such issues, it would be best to enlist the services of the professional restoration specialists at Serveantage.

    These pros use cutting-edge technology to ensure the entire process is smooth and efficient, something not every restoration service offers. It is also worth keeping in mind that the gadgets these experts use are usually only available to people with a license, so it would be best to hire a licensed restoration service provider.

    Ensure a Proper Effort

    Serveantage is among a few fire and restoration companies with professionals who go above and beyond to restore their client’s property. These experts know the ins and outs of fire damage restoration and will utilize their skills and years of experience to ensure your property looks as good as new.

    Operate Services with Confidence

    All of the qualified restoration experts on board with Serveantage have the skills and experience to provide services with complete confidence. This makes them stand out from many others in the industry and proves why they should be your go-to option for your property’s fire damage restoration.
    How to Choose Best Fire Restoration Service on Serveantage

    Check Verified License

    When choosing fire damage services for your property, the first thing to do is to see if they are licensed. More often than not, unlicensed companies do not have experienced or reliable employees to pull of complex fire damage restoration tasks. If anything, they could complicate things and cost you more money in the process.

    Know Availability

    While Serveantage has many fire restoration experts on board, there can be times when they may not be available. This could be because they are busy with someone else’s property restoration or scheduling conflicts. So, before hiring the service, ensure you know when they are available and schedule the restoration accordingly to avoid confusion.

    Works with Insurance

    fire damage restoration Insurance claim

    As mentioned earlier, insurance is vital to ensure you are not liable for a worker’s injury. Serveantage ensures that all its employees have insurance, meaning that you can hire them without worrying about legal issues. Often, a restoration company that operates without insurance could be a massive red flag, and it is best to avoid them.

    Check Review and Ratings

    best reviewed fire damage restoration in utah

    Checking the reviews and ratings of the smoke restoration company you plan to hire can help you make a well-informed decision about whether to choose them or not. Besides checking for reviews on social media and online forums, it would also help to ask for suggestions and recommendations from people in your area.

    Check Work Photos and Videos

    check fire damage restoration photos and videos

    Reliable cleanup companies like Serveantage always offer videos and photos to prove their work quality. So before choosing a service, take a detailed look at their portfolio to ensure the people working on your property’s restoration are reliable.

    Fire damage restoration is lengthy and complex, and you should choose only the most professional and experienced service to perform this task. Following the tips we discussed in this piece will help you make a well-informed decision, making sure you choose the best fire damage restoration company in Utah.

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