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Salt Lake City Utah has a large and growing population and there’s always a need for handymen because there are so many homeowners with aging homes. Hiring a handyman services in Salt Lake City is easy. There are many local companies that offer handyman services at reasonable rates.

Serveantage offers a wide range of services, including basic yard work, home drywell repair, plumbing, and electrical. We specialize in small home renovations and repairs may come in handy for those who are looking to save time and money on their home improvement projects.

If you need any kind of repair or maintenance work done around your home or business, Serveantage will help you out. Whether you need a simple plumbing repair or an entire remodeling project, you can contact us. We are available for all kinds of handyman services in Salt Lake City Utah.


  1. Perry

    Mr. Handyman Services was the first handyman to follow through on communication, setting up an appointment, being responsive and getting a repair I had long put off- fixed. He was on time and nice to work with. I will definitely call him in the future!

  1. Christopher

    Thoroughly enjoyed working with Trusted Handyman. Quick response. Easy to explain and received a quick turnaround with a reasonable quote. They assessed the challenges, ran over to shop for the supplies, and got everything done efficiently, effectively, and in a comprehensive way.

  1. Joe

    Mr. Yin was very prompt and considerate, and overall it was very nice to work with him. He installed latches on a storage unit entrance, removed a tv mount, and earthquake-proofed a large bookshelf. All jobs very thoughtfully, carefully, and thoroughly done. Even did a decent job of cleaning up after himself. Thank you!


Are your technicians certified & trained?

Yes! In the unusual case of an accident, Serveantage professionals are fully trained and certified with general liability policies to protect your house. Our handypersons are also covered by workers' compensation coverage, which protects them and the client while on the job and en route.

Do you schedule appointments on weekends and holidays?

No! Weekends and holiday breaks (Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day) are now unavailable. During the majority of bank holidays, we are open for business. For further information, please contact our customer care at Serveantage.

How do you charge for your services?

For the most part, we charge by the job, not by the hour. When we estimate jobs, we provide cost estimates or a range of labor costs for the entire project or assignment. We charge by the job to assure our customers that they will be charged the predicted fee if a project takes longer than expected. Furniture assembly, electrical diagnostics and repair, and drywall and paint touch-ups are all projects that are priced by the hour.

Do you provide estimates over the phone?

Free estimates for our professionals in Utah are available over the phone and via email. If you need a quote in person, there is a trip charge that, depending on the project's final cost, we will refund in your final invoice if the job bid is authorized).

What if I'm not satisfied with your service?

This rarely happens at Serveantage in Utah, as there will be no miscommunication or missed details with a signed contract. All expectations will be set ahead of time. Contracts for significant improvements and projects can be written up, and estimates can be offered in writing.

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