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When the weather outside begins to rise or fall, there is nothing better than being completely comfortable in your house or place of business. Choosing and maintaining the proper heating and cooling system is essential to your comfort, regardless of the type of home you own. Work with qualified HVAC contractors who are aware of your heating and cooling requirements when it's time to replace or repair your system.

From air duct cleaning to air conditioner repair and air conditioning replacement, Serveantage provide air conditioning service that keep the air you breathe clean and keep your home or business at the perfect temperature. Serveantage hvac repair technicians are like EMTs for your HVAC, offering a wide range of heating, cooling, commercial 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Serveantage utah hvac companies provide ac installation, heater repair, ac maintenance, 24 hour heating and air services. Find out best hvac companies in salt lake city now.

Heating & Air Conditioning


  1. james

    Adaptive Plumbing is the go-to plumbing company in Utah. They handle there business very professionally and respectfully, in a time when it’s difficult to rely on a stable plumbing company. Adaptive Stands out as a company you can count on for quality service.

  1. john

    We had a basic fan replacement, and the price was reasonable. Their electrician was professional and efficient. He also took some time after the work was complete to make some additional suggestions for work we’ll be getting done in the next few months. Definite 5 stars. Thanks, EZ Electric.

  1. Harold Scott

    When the technicians recommended repairs, they were never dominant and simply informed me about the pros and cons of different approaches when repairs are required. I always recommend you to have them conduct your furnace and AC maintenance.

  1. Dan Anderson

    We’ve been using their services for our Heating and Cooling needs and maintenance for the past 6 years. They are reliable, professional, honest, and reasonably priced. Their service technicians always arrive on time and do top-quality work. I highly recommend them for any of your heating and cooling requirements.

  1. Jorge Mitchell

    Courteous and friendly service, with good knowledge about furnace and AirCon systems. The service plan is well worth the money to ensure that our furnace and AC run at peak performance. Highly recommend Mountain Air Conditioning & Heating


What types of HVAC services do you provide?

Initial site evaluations, installs, maintenance visits, and repairs are part of Heating, Aircon & HVAC Services at Serveantage in Utah. In addition, we rent and offer a variety of portable air conditioners. Contact us today!

When is it time to replace or modify my heating and cooling system?

Regular repair and maintenance by our professionals in Utah keep your HVAC unit functioning at peak efficiency, extending the unit's life and lowering operating costs. Routine maintenance at Serveantage will also ensure that the item qualifies for the entire ten-year warranty instead of the usual manufacturer's one-year warranty.

Are your services licensed, certified, and insured?

All of our engineers at Serveantage in Utah are certified and thoroughly competent (which means they can handle refrigerant gas). They also take specific courses from significant air conditioning suppliers to stay updated on the latest techniques. You need not worry about complications when you hire our professionals.

Do you offer a Free Consultation?

Yes! At Serveantage, we understand that every client will require free consultation when looking to install an HVAC system. Here, we provide free quotations and site surveys to all our clients in Utah.

Do you provide financing options for HVAC installations?

Yes! We do. Do you want to know how you may pay for and refinance your HVAC investment with us for everyone else? Well, these are some of the more systematic approaches. There are a variety of payment alternatives available if you want to replace your heating and cooling system, have it repaired, or add additional healthy home accessories to your home. Cash and a lease/power purchase agreement are the major financing options offered at Serveantage.

How long have you been operating in this area?

Servantage’s surveyors and engineers in Utah have extensive experience (over ten years) in the field and the Utah area. Serveantage also offers you all the information you need to make an informed decision when there are multiple options or solutions.

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