Hire Emergency Plumbing Services in Utah – Complete Guide

Emergency Plumbing Services in Utah

The last thing anybody wants to deal with is a plumbing emergency. Not being prepared for plumbing-related issues can result in expensive repairs which could last for days.

Unfortunately, many people don’t give plumbing emergencies any thought and often end up paying the price later. Once their pipes and faucets start leaking, they often go to Google and type something like” emergency plumbing services near me,” only to get an unreliable plumber.

More often than not, homeowners encounter major or minor plumbing emergencies sometime or the other. Knowing how to handle that situation effectively and quickly can save you from a massive headache and a sizeable repair bill. In this piece, we will talk about certain steps and actions every homeowner should take to minimize or even avoid plumbing-related problems.

We will also take about certain telltale signs that will help you identify a plumbing problem before it happens, saving you precious time and money. Before we proceed, it is worth keeping in mind that there are plenty of plumbing repair services out there, so when you check your search engine for 24-hour emergency plumbing service near me, make sure you take your time choosing a reliable option.

How to Handle Plumbing Emergency in Utah Home

Shut off Nearest Water Sources


Shut off Nearest Water Sources


Whenever you encounter a plumbing disaster, the first thing to do would be to shut down your water supply. Make sure you locate the water valve closest to you. The valve is often at or behind the commode’s base for toilets. As far as sinks go, the valve is usually underneath the drain pipe. In case of a major emergency, the best thing to do would be to shut down the main water valve in your home without wasting time.

Shut off Electrical Circuit


Shut off Electrical Circuit


Electricity and water can be an incredibly dangerous combination. You should consider closing all of the electrical circuits in your home as soon as you notice water leakage. Also, ensure you don’t come in contact with water when closing the electrical circuit. If you can reach the circuit breaker safely, switch the electricity off by flipping the main breaker for maximum safety.

Turn off Water Heater

Consider turning your water heater off whenever there is a plumbing emergency. Leaving it on can cause heat to build up in the tank and could cause your tank to burst. If you have a gas water heater, consider switching the gas supply offer before shutting down the unit.

Identify Small and Easy Leaks

Consider stopping the water from flowing further when you notice a plumbing leak. You can do this by turning the leaking pipe’s water supply off. Wrapping rags and towels around the leaking pipe are arguably the safest and most effective way to contain the leak. Soaking up water on your floor and placing a tub below the leak will ensure the water does not enter other rooms.

Avoid Using Chemical Drain Cleaner.

Many people believe that using drain cleaner is the simplest and most effective way to unblock pipes.
While that is true, some drain cleaners can cause irreparable damage to certain pipes, especially old ones. Consider using a drain plunger before using harsh chemicals, and if that does not work, it would be best to look up your search engine for an emergency plumber in my area.

Open Spigots to Move Water from Home

Closing the main water valve of your house doesn’t always mean that your house’s pipes will be free of water. Make sure you remove as much water as possible to prevent it from leaking into your house and causing damage.

If you want to remove water from your home, consider going outdoors and turning the spigots on. If you have a garden hose, detaching it could ensure it doesn’t have any water left.

Wear Protective Gear

If you notice contaminated water leaking from the line pipes, make sure you wear rubber boots and gloves as there is a high likelihood that you will touch the water. Contaminated water can be incredibly dangerous, especially if it comes in contact with the mucous membranes, causing you to get ill.

Call Professional Plumber


Call Professional Plumber in Utah


Losing your head during a plumbing disaster will not do you any good. If you tried the tips mentioned above and none of them work, the best thing to do would be to go to your phone or laptop and search for a commercial emergency plumber near me right away. People tend to get caught up in the situation and often forget that calling professionals is arguably the best way to steer clear of plumbing problems.


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    What Do You Do When You Have Emergency Plumbing Situation


    What Do You Do When You Have Emergency Plumbing Situation


    In most cases, homeowners tend to be familiar with numerous emergency plumbing scenarios like burst pipes. So, if you are a house owner, there is a high chance that you will require professional plumbing services at some point. Below is a list of things to help you manage and potentially address the situation to avoid further damage.

    Burst Pipes


    Burst Pipes repair in Utah


    The first thing to do would be stop the water from flowing by closing the main water valve. To steer clear from damages, consider turning the cold water taps on to ensure the pipes can drain the water, ensuring your pipes don’t burst.

    Frozen Pipes


    Frozen Pipes plumbing service


    Close the main shutoff valve of your home before a split in the frozen pipes. Also, turn a faucet on to ensure the mater runs slowly, after which you can thoroughly thaw the pipe out. Avoid using anything that has flammable properties because doing so could cause your pipes to burst, resulting in great damage.

    Broken Main Line Water


    Broken Main Line Water repair service in Utah


    Do not waste any time calling an expert plumbing service if the water line connected to your home breaks or clogs up. In situations like these, plumbing services in Utah that are available 24/7 can come in quite handy. Damaged water lines often increase pressure and could result in flooding inside your house. So, ensure you go above and beyond to remove any water entering your basement.

    Leaking Fixture

    Water that drips slowly often results in massive plumbing problems. Steer clear from this issue, and consider locating and closing the shutoff valve controlling the leaky fixture. After that, check the fixture thoroughly to see if it has obstacles like hair, food particles, debris, soap scum etc. Obstructions like these can cause your pipes to overflow and even burst. Contacting one of the plumbing services in Utah can help you steer clear of such issues.

    Failing Water Heater

    Issues with your electrical connections and gas line can often cause water heaters to fail. This often causes homeowners a great deal of stress because of the difficulties in cleaning, cooking and bathing. A reliable plumbing service can help fix your failing water heater.

    Blocked Drain or Toilet


    Blocked Drain or Toilet repair in Utah


    Blocked toilets and drains are among the most common problems regarding commercial and residential plumbing. Using a plunger or a drain snake could help you unblock the drain and prevent your toilet from overflowing.

    Broken Main Sewer Line


    Broken Main Sewer Line repair service Utah


    Clogging, breaking or corroding in sewer lines can result in wall stains, overwatered gardens, uneven toilet water levels, and clogged drains. You may not be able to address these issues by yourself, which is why getting a professional plumber to help would be the best option.

    Leaking Gas


    Leaking Gas stop in Utah


    Consider evacuating the area immediately if you notice gas around or inside your house. Gas can be incredibly toxic, and you must avoid addressing gas leakage problems yourself. Calling an emergency plumbing service or a gas company would be the most viable solution for such situations.

    Damaged Water Drain or Hose


    Damaged Water Drain or Hose


    Damaged hoses or washing machine drains can result in flooding inside your house. Using too much or the wrong laundry detergent or running a machine for long periods can also result in water damage. In case you notice soapsuds overflowing, make sure you drain them right away and look for professional assistance.

    How to Find the Best Emergency Plumber Nearby in Utah


    Best Emergency Plumber Nearby in Utah


    Looking for plumbing contractors in Utah can be overwhelming for some people, especially those who are doing it for the first time. More often than not, people looking up plumbing services for the first time often call the first plumber they come across in their local directory or search engine.

    Just because you found a plumbing service’s number within seconds doesn’t necessarily mean it will be reliable. If anything, it may not be in your wallet or home’s best interest. Before hiring a professional plumber, make sure you control the flooding in your home and follow the tips mentioned below to find reliable plumbing services in Utah.

    Visit Local Plumber Marketplace/Dictionaries


    Visit Local Plumber MarketplaceDictionaries


    As mentioned earlier, looking for a plumber can be a daunting task. However, you must steer clear of dialing the first contact number you find. Instead, it would be best to do yourself a favor and take your time when searching for an emergency plumber in Utah. You can do this by visiting the local plumbing marketplace and checking dictionaries for reliable plumbers. While you may come across plenty of plumbers, make sure you check their reputation by looking for reviews online and from customers. Our previous article, “How to Choose the Right Plumber in Utah – Complete Guide” Mentions some important points to keep in mind before choosing plumbers in Utah.

    Search for Emergency Plumber “Near me” in Google


    Search for Emergency Plumber “Near me” in Google


    A simple Google search can be quite helpful when roaming the marketplace and skimming through dictionaries fails. Some may even argue that Google searches are arguably the most effective for looking up professionals and services around you. Merely typing keywords like “best plumbing service near me” or “plumber near me” could help you get the desired results.

    Also, do not limit yourself to just one search engine. Searching for plumbing services on browsers like Firefox and Chrome could also help you find plenty of reliable plumbing services within a short period.

    Ask for a Referral from Friends and Family

    While searching for plumbers online almost always works, you may have doubts about whether the professional or service you chose is actually good. The last thing anybody wants to do is spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for subpar plumbing services, so it is best to ensure you are getting services worth your money.

    One way to do this is to ask for a referral from friends and family members. People with firsthand experience with plumbing services can recommend the best options, ensuring you can get your clogged pipes, leaky faucets and other issues fixed without any stress.

    Check with Local Businesses


    Check with Local Plumber Businesses


    Most local businesses operating for a while have some experience dealing with plumbing services. You can take advantage of that and ask these businesses for recommendations. 99 times out of 100, their recommendations will be reliable, and you can get excellent plumbing services in Utah for your house.

    Steps to Avoid Major Plumbing Problems in Utah


    Avoid Major Plumbing Problems in Utah


    As mentioned abundantly, plumbing problems can happen anytime and be a massive inconvenience. They can be incredibly dangerous and possibly threaten the well-being and safety of your home. There are certain steps you can take to avoid major plumbing problems. Before we proceed, let us look at the various emergency plumbing issues you could face:

    – Clogged or overflowing drains
    – Burst pipes
    – Broken water heaters
    – Overflowing washing machines

    All of these issues can result in great water damage, especially if you do not fix them immediately. They could also cause mold in property damage in your house, which can be quite expensive to repair.

    Perform Proper Maintenance

    Plumbing systems can go through a great bit of wear and tear over time, and this often leads to cracks, leaks and holes. These things can eventually cause major plumbing problems, which can be quite hard to fix. The only way to address this is to be proactive and perform routine maintenance. Doing so can make sure your system functions properly throughout the year. Ideally, you should consider getting a professional plumber to perform maintenance every twelve to eighteen months.

    You must also inspect your appliances connected to your house’s plumbing system and clean them before they cause any damage. What’s more, you must avoid throwing away massive chunks of food or grease down the drain. If your drain is clogged, consider using a water softener. While performing routine maintenance doesn’t mean avoiding a plumbing emergency for good, it will significantly reduce the chances.

    If things don’t work and you want a timely solution acquiring the services of plumbers in Orem, Utah, could be a wise choice.

    Pay Attention to Warning Signs

    You can also avoid emergency plumbing problems by highlighting certain warning signs. Addressing small issues can help you prevent them from turning into bigger ones. Doing so can also help you protect your house from flooding and water damage. A professional plumber in Provo Utah often looks for the following signs to inspect plumbing problems, and you should consider doing the same:

    – Clogged drains
    – Unusual smells
    – Strange noises
    – Leaking pipes or faucets

    If you notice these signs, waste no time calling a professional plumber in Layton, Utah immediately. Ignoring these issues could even result in major emergencies, which is why you should never take the signs mentioned above for granted.


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