Are you having problems with your bathtub or shower? Do they leak, overflow, or not seem to work the way they used to? If so, our services may be a good option for you. Serveantage offers quality bathtub and shower repair services in Utah. We have years of experience fixing broken water systems and restoring functionality to baths and showers that leaks have damaged, overflows, clogs, or other issues. With our help, you can get back on track quickly and safely.

Bathtub and shower repair services are essential for any home. You might not know it, but the water from your bathtub or shower can carry harmful bacteria that can make you sick. When you notice a leak, a problem with the plumbing, or an issue with the drain, don't delay calling for professional help. A professional will fix any problem quickly and efficiently. If your bathroom looks outdated, a new bathtub or shower installation could be what it needs to look fresh again.

If you need quality bathtub and shower repair and installation services, Serveantage is your business! We provide professional services, including repairing cracked or broken tiles, fixing leaks, and more. Contact us for more information about Utah's quality bathtub and shower repair services! Call us at 385-350-4064 to schedule an appointment!


  1. Jacob Fisherman

    The entire experience was 100% commendable. They arrived on time. The work was carried out professionally, with the minimum necessary disruption, followed by thorough cleanup. The cost was also the same as quoted. The telephone response was friendly and efficient.

  1. Vicky Williams

    The technician quickly diagnosed the problem, explained the remedy, and began his work. He was efficient and explained the process as he worked. I appreciate his professionalism, expertise, and friendliness. I will call Mr. Rooter in the future for my plumbing needs!

  1. serveantage

    Outstanding good service. Jared kept me updated at all times. The technicians were professional, honest and cleaned up. Loyalty is very important to me and this company mer and exceeded my expectations.


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