Storm Damage Restoration in Utah – Complete Guide

Strom damage restoration guide

According to statistics, an average of 10 to 15 hurricanes and storms develop in the eastern pacific area of the U.S. It’s an alarming situation if you consider the damage a single storm can do to homes. If you’re worried about the damage a storm can do to your home; you should contact a professional repair service immediately.

How Does a Storm Damage your Property?

Storms can be devastating for your property. The number of storms in the U.S. is pretty substantial, which poses a serious threat to the wellness of residents in the area. The storms can damage your residential and commercial buildings, which could be expensive to repair. If you have experienced something like this, a storm damage repair service is the best option.

These services provide comprehensive options for all kinds of damages. For example, storm damage roof repair is an excellent option for most clients. You can check online for “storm repair contractors near me” and find the right service for your next home repair after a storm.

Some Types of Damage Caused by Storm


Types of strom damage


One of the most dangerous things about storm damage is that there’s no limit to the damage they can cause. Most storms destroy commercial and residential structures, damaging property, vehicles, and almost anything that comes in their way.

The average wind speed during a major storm hits around 50 kilometers per hour, which can be very dangerous. The wind alone can cause serious damage, which makes storm damage repair services essential.

We can categorize storm damage into the following categories:

Wind Damage

The wind carries debris when moving at high speeds, which can harm the roofs of buildings and cause damage. The winds are strong enough to lift roofs off houses and make them move. It can also loosen the roof shingles, causing additional damage to the roof.

Similarly, the windows will usually break following a storm. The pressurized winds can break windows and damage the furnishing and drywall. Property owners must consider storm damage roof repair since wind damage is especially common during a storm.

Hail Damage

Rain and hail damage are other common problems you will face. Rain and hail can cause a series of additional problems to the properties, including:

  • Contamination
  • Drywall damage
  • Foundation damage
  • Mold growth

Standing water can cause long-term structural damage, which can multiply over time, making it nearly impossible for property owners to control it. It’s best for property owners to search for “storm repair contractors near me” and find the best options.

Rain Damage

Rainwater is a major concern for properties large and small. Rain damage can seep into the walls, harm electrical systems, and cause several other complications. Moreover, water can reach electrical systems, cause short circuits, and destroy the wiring of a house.

The severity of water damage can vary for each situation, so it’s crucial to consult a professional and find the most suitable solutions.

Impact Damage

The accidental impact can increase the chances of long-term damage to property and individuals. The impact can be from other objects, debris, parts of the roof, etc., slamming into the property. Impact damage is the type of damage that most homeowners overlook. It can cause the most damage, which is why property owners should get it checked and fixed.

Even insurance companies have smaller claims for impact damage, but the cases claimed cost thousands of dollars.

Steps to Protect Your Home from Storm Damage


protect your home after strom


Protecting your home from storm damage is the best way to avoid the need for storm damage roof replacement. One of the most common reasons why property owners have to spend thousands of dollars on home repairs is that they do not have enough insight into how to protect their homes from storm damage.

We know that it’s not possible to avoid all of the damage in a storm. However, you can minimize the damage to some degree by following these tips:

Repair Damaged Shingles

Damaged shingles can contribute to storm damage and harm people around the property. The shingles can become loose, slip out, and fall off, damaging other people and property. Residents with damaged shingles have no option but to choose a storm damage repair service for their needs.

The services recommend repairing the shingles that may damage over time. It will reduce the damage potential in case a storm hits you. You can easily repair the shingles or hire someone to do it for you. Hiring someone is better than leaving the broken shingles to stay damaged.

Repair Loose Siding

Storm restoration companies mostly have to find loose sidings as they can slip off and hit other parts of the home. There’s a chance that the sidings may slip off from their centers and hit others. You should repair the sidings and ensure it’s safe to be in the house even if a storm hits. A damaged siding can also lead to further structural damage.

Keep Gutters Clear

Chances of water damage and flooding are most common if the gutters are unclear. Therefore, ensuring that your gutters are free-flowing and flow away from the property’s foundation is crucial. This way, the property remains secure in case of a serious storm.

The risk of damage from rain and flooding increases if you live in a colder area since cold weather has a higher chance of hail storms. These hail storms are more dangerous and require to hire damage roofing contractors.

However, if you want to keep yourself safe, we recommend you clean the gutters and ensure the water can freely flow from these services even if there’s a storm.

Seal Doors and Windows Properly

Sealing your windows and doors is a great way to reduce the damage a storm causes to your property. You can shut them down and keep all the stormwater out. It’s the simplest yet most effective method to maximize protection against storms.

You can also add a reinforced lock on the doors and windows to ensure they stay shut and tight even when you are stuck in a storm. If you are unsure how to do this on your own, a professional handyman can help.

Regularly Trim Your Trees

Trees can be one of the biggest contributors to property damage during a storm. There’s a high chance that your property may suffer long-term damage if the storm is violent enough to uproot trees.

There’s not much you can do to keep trees in place, but it is still wise to trim them down to ensure your safety. This way, your doors and windows also stay safe in a strong storm.

Hire a Local Storm Damage Restoration Company

Storm damage can be devastating, regardless of how well you prepare. Most property owners face serious damage to their residences and commercial buildings because they don’t have experts to help them. We recommend hiring a local storm restoration company to get quick, expert assistance in maintaining your property.

Immediate Steps to Follow After Storm Damage


Steps to Follow After Storm Damage


Although we have mentioned the best practices to avoid damage during a storm, your property could still suffer substantial damage resulting from a storm. Property owners should counter storm damage with a planned approach and take the right steps following storm damage.

Following are our top recommendations for you to follow after a storm.

Review the Damage and Take Photos

It would be best if you first determined the full level of damage your property has sustained. You can take photos of the damage and identify the most affected areas.

This way, it will be easier for you to know which areas require attention. You can even highlight these areas to a storm damage repair service. This information will help professionals speed up inspections and find the best solutions for your problems.

Call Your Insurance Company

An insurance company is responsible for taking care of the damage and restoration costs in most cases. Therefore, you should call them and discuss your situation. Chances are the insurance company already knows if the storm is serious. However, you still need to make an insurance claim.

You can discuss the details for the storm Damage roof replacement and provide them with proof of damage. You can even use the photos you have taken as proof. The insurance company will show up at your doorstep for a comprehensive inspection and let you know.

Prevent More Damage

The storm has already done what it had to. However, it would help if you didn’t let the property go until you can hire a roofing contractor. It would help if you minimize the chances of further damage by ensuring your property is safe.

If you aren’t sure how to do this, professional contractors can guide you on emergency measures to minimize the damage you might have suffered. Preventing more damage can reduce the time and costs of your home repairs.

Stay organized and keep receipts.

A storm can be a devastating natural disaster, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed if you are in one. However, thinking practically and consistently check the home repair process is crucial. It’s crucial to stay organized and collect all record-keeping receipts.

You can use the receipt later for rechecking and seeing the total costs of the storm damage repair that you’ve had to pay. If you think you can’t keep the hard copies safe, you can always create a digital copy and store it somewhere.

Contact Restoration Company

Storm damage can cause massive problems for property owners and residents alike. You should contact a restoration company so that they can tell you the full process. Moreover, these services have sufficient information on providing the best options for property restoration.

They are the best solution if you have tried everything possible to control the storm damage but failed. Consult with the restoration company to get a clearer idea of the severity of the damage.

Bottom Line

Storm damage restoration in Utah is a smart way to ensure you remain safe from long-term damage. These services can start working on your property right after you face a major storm and have your property damaged. They have experts with years of experience who understand the Utah landscape.

Thus, storm restoration services are the best option for tackling all the problems resulting from a violent storm. If you have further queries, contact a reputable storm damage restoration company.