The Best Way To Clean Clogged Drain In Your Utah Home

Clean Clogged Drain In Your Utah Home


Homeowners and even office workers can find it highly stressful to see a clogged drain in the bathroom, kitchen, or any other room. When in a hurry, people always end up on Google with the same query “drain clog service near me.”

Proud homeowners always strive to keep their homes well-maintained. But a clogged drain can invite a series of intolerable issues. Cleaning the exterior and decorating the interior isn’t enough. Although it will make you a proud homeowner, it won’t necessarily make you a responsible one.

Responsible homeowners ensure everything inside the house works smoothly, including drain pipes and a pre-installed sewage system. From fixtures and fittings to electrical work to plumbing, you have to pay attention to everything. Quite often, homeowners experience clogged drains. Let’s learn more!

What are Clogged Drains?

Clogged drains can be a serious health hazard for homeowners. It increases the risk of water pipeline contamination and pipe breakage, leading to expensive repairs. Clogs refer to an object getting stuck and obstructing the flow of water or sewage in a pipe. There could be various reasons for clogged drains around a house, including toys, hair, food waste, and soap.
In a study from PR Newswire based on Google Consumer Surveys of 2019, nearly 20% of US homeowners faced clogged drains! The issue was more prevalent in some states than in others. If you’ve experienced the same issue, you’ve probably thought about getting professional drain cleaning in Utah County.

Possible Signs of Clogging Drain in Your Utah Home


Signs of Clogging Drain in Your Utah Home


The best way to resolve clog issues in the home is to call for a local drain cleaning service. But what do you tell the service providers on call? You can assess the level of damage in your home before calling in the pros. It will help you save time and cut down repair expenses.

Major signs of clogged drains include rising water, foul smells, and unusual flushing/draining sounds around the house. You’ll spot these signs wherever there are water pipelines and drainage systems. Find out more about the major signs of clogged drains in your Utah home.

Foul Smell

The biggest telltale sign of clogged drains that prompt you to look up “unclog drains near me” is a foul smell. If you can detect an unpleasant stench from the washbasin sink in the kitchen or, perhaps, the toilet in your powder room, you’re dealing with a clogged drain.

Bad smells could indicate rotting waste in the pipeline. Sometimes, when pipelines become very rusty, they give off an unpleasant smell after mixing with the water. The smell can be so powerful that it could fill up your entire home in a short time if left unattended.

Slow Drains

Another giveaway of clogged drains inside is slow drains. Does it take longer than usual for the kitchen sink to drain after washing the dishes? If the bathroom and kitchen sinks drain slowly, it’s time to get on Google and start searching “unclog drains plumber near me”.

You must realize that the drains don’t work properly in severe cases! Besides water staying in the sink, it might even erupt, causing a mess. If your drain is working very slowly, it’s the perfect time to call a professional before the situation gets out of hand.

Strange Sound

This sign more commonly manifests when the clogged drains have reached the next stage of deterioration after foul smell and slow drainage. It indicates broken pipes and sewer connections. For instance, you’ll hear loud gurgling sounds when you flush the toilet. Similar sounds might come from the kitchen and bathroom sinks. It also hints toward a severe blockage and air trapped inside pipes.

Rising Water

The easiest sign of a clogged drain in your Utah home is rising water. If poor drainage causes the water in your bathroom/kitchen sinks to rise, there’s a blockage. If the toilet water rises before you even flush, you have a clogged drain. You’ll notice the water rising from the drain when washing a few dishes in the kitchen with low-running water.

It might even contain particles, such as rust, food waste, and so on. For your information, rising water signals a severe problem and will incur high repair costs. If left unattended, the blockage could spill water out of the manhole in front of your house!

Bad Odor

Even when using the sinks and toilets, you’ll detect an unpleasant smell from the open waterlines. It clearly indicates the blockage is worsening because you haven’t called a local drain cleaning service provider in Utah.

The waste you’re flushing could be flowing backward due to the blockage. Perhaps, that is causing the stench to fill up your kitchen and bathroom. In the case of food waste, the bad odor can be nauseating.

Water Backing Up While Draining

Water could back up from the drain when the clog is severe. It’s among the typical signs of clogged drains. Additionally, when water starts backing up from the drain, you’ll notice bubbling inside your toilet and, possibly, your sink.

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    Common Cause of Clogged Drain in Your Utah Home


    Common Cause of Clogged Drain in Your Utah Home



    A clogged drain could occur because your children accidentally dropped a toy in the toilet. It could also happen because you forgot to throw the pile of hair outside the bathtub after showering, and it caused a blockage! In any case, you’ll have to look up “sewer and drain cleaning company near me” to find the right specialist to help you out.

    We believe you can help yourself until experts arrive on the scene by understanding the leading causes of clogged drains. Besides, learning about the things that cause clogged drains will help you avoid them.

    Tree Roots

    You’ll require professional drain cleaning in Salt Lake City, Utah, if small twigs and leaves have made their way into your house’s sewage system through broken pipes. Once they get inside, tree roots can grow and aggravate the blockage, causing increased damage to the sewage lines.

    Removing tree roots from sewage pipes without professional help and special equipment is difficult. Moreover, searching Google for “drain specialist near me” could be beneficial because removing full-grown tree roots could requires excavation, jet cleaning, or trenchless repair.

    Flushable Wipes

    Many homeowners mistake regular wipes for flushable wipes, leading to the same occasional mess, and clogged drains. Checking the composition of wipes before using them, especially before disposal in bathrooms, is critical in preventing clogged drains.

    Although throwing a bunch of regular wipes down the toilet may sound convenient, they can pile up and cause a blockage in your house’s sewage system. Regular wipes are thicker than flushable wipes, and it’s important to remember this to keep your toilets safe from clogged drains.

    Fat, Oil, and Grease

    When you don’t wipe out your dishes before washing it, you’re bound to look up”clogged drain service near me”. People often dump food waste down the garbage disposal, including eggshells, fats from cooked meat, oil, and other greasy items. It can cause blockages around your house.

    Feminine Hygiene Products

    Throwing away feminine hygiene products in the toilet or bathroom sink for quicker disposal can cause extensive damage. For example, tampons expand by absorbing moisture, which could be fatal to your toilet drains! Even tissues and paper towels are a big no because they can cause clogged drains.

    Baby Diapers

    If you look up “professional drain cleaning in Provo, UT”, you may not have read the label on baby diapers. When they’re in a hurry, parents find toilets the perfect place to dispose of baby diapers and wet wipes. Unfortunately, they’re two of the biggest culprits behind clogged drains in American households. According to research, they contribute to land and water pollution.


    Do you know why many homes require professional drain cleaning in Park City, Utah? Hair, specifically clumps of hair, is very good at blocking sewage lines inside the home. Although most homeowners are aware of it, they tend to ignore and leave piles of long hair inside their bathtubs when they’re in a hurry.

    Pipe Scale

    Drain pipes have a protective coating called “scale.” When minerals deposit on drain pipes inside sewer lines, the coating can come off and create tough blockages.


    Food waste is the most common culprit behind clogged drains in Utah homes. Dumping food items like eggshells, large food chunks, and grease buildups from grills or pans can lead to severe blockages.


    Any hard object, such as a utensils, toys, or mobile phone, can easily build up strong blockages in the water pipelines under your home. You should pay close attention to your children when they play with solid objects like toys near toilets and kitchen sinks.


    If the water lines in your house are geometrically insufficient, you are bound to experience clogged drains at some point during your residence. That’s because upward slopes slow down the water flow, and even the tiniest clogs could become an absolute nightmare within minutes.


    If the sewer pipes below your home are undersized, meaning that they’re smaller than usual, you could experience clogged drains. Combine that with a few other causes, and you will end up with devastating drain pipe blockage.


    Water overload can cause serious blockages, primarily because it increases the chances of pipes rusting. Moreover, the usual water flow causes serious drain pipe damage and might cause leaks and breaks in the whole system resulting in blockage.


    Leaks create a way for underground objects and foreign material to enter sewage lines, ultimately causing a blockage. It’s one of the leading causes of clogged drains because most US homeowners overlook leaks around the house.

    Preventative Measures for Clogged Drains in Your Utah Home


    Preventative Measures for Clogged Drains in Your Utah Home


    Trying preventative measures can keep you from looking up “storm drain cleaning near me.” It’s easier to tackle clogged drains before they occur or get worse. You can resort to a few helpful tips in this section to keep your house safe from clogged drains.

    There are several benefits of relying on prevention techniques and safety measures to protect your home from clogged drains. First and foremost, you won’t have to spend your holidays plumbing around the house and dealing with drain cleaners.

    Secondly, you’ll save money on expensive repairs. Costly repairs can affect your bank account because of broken pipes, spilling manholes, and rusty sewage systems. Here are some preventative techniques to fix clogged drains quickly.

    Be Careful While Dumping Waste

    If you ignore what you’re dumping down your kitchen and bathroom sink, you’ll need professional drain cleaning in Ogden, Utah. Knowing the list of things to prevent from going down the drain can help you save time and money. Here’s what to avoid:

    •Food chunks
    •Eggshells/meat skin/bones/grease
    •Leftover fat and grease

    The list could go on forever, and you’ll still be unable to build the most efficient drain system without overspending.

    Flush Your Drains With Hot Water

    Experts believe plumbing hacks like throwing boiling water in the kitchen and bathroom sink once or twice every month could save you unforeseen trouble. It can prevent blockages from occurring in the first place by melting and dissolving clog-like materials in the drain pipes.

    But when throwing boiling water in the sink or toilets, learn about the pipe quality. Otherwise, you’ll have no option but to look up “sewer drain cleaning near me” on Google.

    Clean Your Drains Weekly

    Cleaning drain pipes weekly sounds like a hassle, but trust us, it pays off in the long run. You won’t have unexpected trouble on a busy office day or an exciting family dinner at home. Clogged drains become a thing of the past when you stick to regular/weekly drain pipe cleaning. It could be as simple as checking the water pressure, slope measurement, and throwing hot water.

    Invest in Drain Cleaning Services

    What’s the most hands-off approach to preventing clogged drains? You can search “sewer cleaning near me.” Make sure you find the perfect pros to help you based on your locality, license and certification requirements, and budget.

    Pros have extensive knowledge and can potentially save you money and time in the long run by efficiently resolving drain issues. They can detect issues early on and resort to practical solutions to prevent clogged drains.

    What To Expect From Professional Drain Cleaning Service in Utah


    Professional Drain Cleaning Service in Utah



    Doing a few quick Google searches like “sewer cleanout near me” or “drainage plumber near me” is easy. However, finding the perfect pros among the search engine results is difficult. Therefore, we have created a small list of things you can keep in mind when choosing a professional drain cleaner. Here’s what to consider:

    Ask Some Questions

    Asking Google “where to find drain clog service near me” isn’t the only way to handle things. You’ll have to ask a few questions from the professionals you’re hiring. For instance, you’ll ask them about their license and certifications for your city and state.

    Further, you’ll inquire about the service range at the chosen plumbing company. Make sure the hired professionals are well-experienced and trained in conducting household plumbing tasks such as clogged drains in Utah.

    Rather than searching for “24-hour drain cleaning near me” separately on the internet, check your selected pros’ reviews and site information. Of course, clogged drains don’t come with a warning, so you should have a service provider available on short notice.

    Set a Clear Agenda for Service

    Setting a clear agenda helps you outline the services you might need. Pay attention to your area’s diagnostic process and drain cleaning service range. Compare your expectations with the professional company’s offering.

    Perform Diagnostics

    Setting up a search query “unclog drain plumber near me” won’t give you a complete view of the hired company’s services. Make sure you ask the pros to perform diagnostics as needed. This includes inspecting the clogged drains, suspected sewage system components, and plumbing fixtures around the house.

    Run the Drain Cleaning Machine

    After setting a service agenda, performing in-depth diagnostics, and creating an effective cleaning strategy, the team will start cleaning using special equipment. Most trained experts use special equipment to inspect and clear blockages in drain pipes. In rare cases when clogs can’t be cleared, experts turn to camera inspections.

    Test Your Fixtures

    After camera inspection and regular cleaning of clogged drains, professionals will start a testing process. They will target all the important plumbing fixtures in your house, especially the ones connected to the clogged drains.

    Final Camera Inspection

    A camera inspection clears the air for both homeowners and professionals. It uncovers breakages and broken components in the sewer lines. In a nutshell, it helps pros recommend new repairs and restoration if necessary.


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