Toxic Black Mold Removal – DIY Risk & Remedies

toxic black mold risk

Black mold, known as Stachybotrys chartarum, commonly grows in different places. What does black mold look like? It looks like circular-shaped spots that are mostly black but also can be dark brown or dark green. You can also find black mold in shades of orange with flecks of white. Besides the unpleasant color, it also has a fuzzy appearance.

Exposure to black mold can cause severe health issues. Fortunately, you can identify toxic mold symptoms if you have black mold in your house. This includes sneezing and chronic coughing, irritation in the mucus membrane of the throat and nose, and eyes, persistent headache, and chronic fatigue.

Also, people who are already suffering from respiratory issues are at risk, as their condition can worsen if they live in the presence of mold. These symptoms can worsen, preventing you from caring for house chores and work tasks. Therefore, it’s important to get rid of mold from your property to reduce the risk of developing any health issues.

Want to learn more about black mold and what remedies you can practice to fix the issue? Continue reading to understand prevention methods and solutions to black mold.


Black Mold Removal Process Involves


black mold removal procedure


Want to know whether or not you have black mold in your house? In that case, follow these steps to clean black mold.


Assess the Extent of the Damage


Every type of mold thrives in a particular environment. So, the simplest way to remove it is to get to the main source. Generally, you can find mold near leaky pipes, roofs, or air conditioning systems. In many cases, poor ventilation in bathrooms can cause mold issues.

Assess the space and find the cause of the problem. Then, look for solutions to remove black mold so it won’t grow back, saving you from spending money on repairs in the future.


Air Quality Testing


If you want to completely remove black mold from the house and eliminate its effects, you need to improve your house’s air quality. However, this isn’t possible without ventilation. Contact an expert who can take samples to help determine the contamination level in your house. They can also help you understand what other mold and fungi are growing in your space and the proper mold removal procedure you can choose.


Controlling Moisture Levels


Since black mold grows in high-moisture areas, you need dry out these spaces with fans and a dehumidifier. This will help prevent mold reproduction and growth. While doing this, you need to wear goggles, rubber gloves, boot covers, a face mask, and closed shoes for protection.

Note: Whether your house is facing mold growth or not, drying up your space after leakages, water spills, or any water issues can help you prevent mold formation in the Area.


Keep it Clean and Dry.

Another thing you need to do is to clean up the space to prevent mold spores. Use appropriate cleaning solutions, especially in areas that have previously faced mold growth to prevent it from coming back.


Mold Removal Procedures


Experts choose several mold removal procedures based on the mold growth level and affected area size. But you can remove the black mold all by yourself. You can only practice one procedure, which we will discuss in the section, but with proper safety gear, as we have discussed. Also, you can only clean the Area if it’s smaller than 10 sq feet.

Start by sealing up the Area with plastic sheeting. This lowers the risk of spreading and cross-contamination. After wearing gloves, scrub the mold using a mold remover that’s available at most stores. If you don’t find one, make your own mold removal solution by mixing 5 parts of water, vinegar, and 1 part of baking soda. Prepare this solution in a spray bottle.

Spray the mold removal solution on the mold and leave it for around an hour. Take a sponge and wipe off the mold. Repeat the steps until all of it comes off. Then, clean up the space and let it dry. Leave the doors and windows open for ventilation, and remove the plastic sheeting after everything is dry.


Risky by Removing Mold all by Yourself


risk of black mold removal


If the mold has spread over a large area, you can’t take care of it with a DIY job. Doing it wrong puts your health at risk and impacts the air quality, causing health issues for anyone living in your home. Even when you’re cleaning black mold, there are health risks involved.  


Using the Wrong Equipment


While it’s true that gloves and masks can protect you from coming into contact with black mold, even the tiniest hole in the gear can render it useless. It usually happens when you wear low-quality or bigger gloves or masks that allow black mold to come in contact with your body. Also, there is a way to use each equipment, and if you don’t follow the guidelines, they aren’t helpful for you. Mold exposure due to improper equipment can lead to allergic reactions. You can also develop several health issues.

If you hire an expert, you never have to face these health issues. Professionals use cutting-edge technologies and modern equipment to remove black mold. They also use filtration systems to improve the air quality of your space. Choosing qualified and skilled experts ensures that you stay safe.


Dangerous to Your Health


People living in poorly maintained properties that are in bad condition mostly suffer from respiratory issues. This is because such properties face mold and fungi growth that affect the indoor air and allow the spread of contaminants in your Area. Therefore, it’s important to keep your property in good condition and prevent the growth of molds like black mold.

Note that black mold growth is extremely dangerous for your health. Some black mold health risks are:


  • Eye irritation
  • Asthma attacks
  • Nasal issues
  • Skin irritation
  • Lung problems
  • Irritated or sore throats


No matter the mold growth level, it can impact your health. So, if you fail to prevent the growth, at least try to remove it as soon as possible.


Contaminating Your HVAC System


Most people don’t know that, but if then mold reaches your HVAC system, it’s a sign of a big problem. It can lead to severe health issues; in most cases, you don’t even identify mold growth before things get out of hand.

The HVAC system is responsible for cleaning the air by replacing the indoor air with fresh and clean air. When the mold grows in your HVAC system, it starts to affect the air passing through it. So, even if your HVAC does the same work, it will not be able to clean the air. Getting the problem fixed is vital for your health. This is something that you can’t do yourself. You will need the help of experts who are aware of the right methods to clean your HVAC system. They will thoroughly clean the air ducts and other areas to ensure contaminants don’t spread in your space.


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    Causing more Extensive Problems


    To understand how mold can spread while removing it; you need to understand how mold works. Once the mold develops, it starts producing spores. These spores can transform into airborne particles as you remove the mold in your space. As a result, spores reach every corner of your house.

    If someone in your house has health issues or you have children or seniors in your house, spores can be a major problem for you.


    Failing to Properly Cleanup


    When you remove mold from the space, you need to ensure that every corner gets properly cleaned to eliminate spores from your property. Since you will not be using the right methods and equipment for mold removal, there is a great chance that mold contaminants have spread to a bigger area. This means that you need to practice cleaning methods that can remove traces of mold spores from the larger Area. However, likely, you’re not aware of professional cleaning methods. Therefore, you might not be able to get rid of contaminants in the Area.

    It’s better to hire experts who remove the black mold and clean your property thoroughly to ensure you live in a safe space.


    Unable to Identify the Different Types of Mold


    Several types of mold can grow in your house, and many of them look similar. If you are not an expert, it’s hard to determine what type of mold is growing on your property. Mold requires different removal methods based on the type. If you try to get rid of the mold with the wrong practices, it can even help in the further growth of the mold.

    If you are unaware of the mold present in your house, let an expert take care of it for it. Hire professionals who can resolve the issue and improve your living conditions.


    Exposing Yourself to Harsh Cleaners


    If the mold spreads to a bigger area, you need to use cleaners to remove the mold. These cleaners require you to use the right methods so that they don’t affect your health or burn your skin.

    Also, each cleaner has a method of usage. Not knowing the steps to use them can damage areas around the mold growth, like walls, fabric, or floors.


    When to Call a Mold Removal Expert


    black mold removal expert


    Wondering when you need to call an expert? Well, it’s best to call experts soon after you notice any signs of mold growth in your house. Even if you don’t see the mold with your eyes, continuous sneezing, irritation in your eyes, and allergies indicate the presence of mold in your house.

    Here are some cases that make it important to call experts and get their help and guidance rather than fixing the issue by yourself.


    Mold Removal Area is Larger than 10sq ft


    As we have already discussed, you can remove mold if it’s in an area smaller than 10 sqft. But if you notice that it has expanded to an area beyond 10 sq ft, you need to avoid removing it. To address the issue, you need a skilled, credible, and experienced professional who can practice methods to clean the space, remove the mold, and prevent it from growing in the future.

    Calling in experts can also help you determine the problems that are leading to mold growth. These issues can be as small as low ventilation to as big as water leaks in the walls. Nevertheless, it’s important to hire an expert who can give you different services. These professionals can find the pipes, ventilation, and other moisture issues. Before calling an expert, it’s better to look up what services they can provide.


    Overwhelming or Musty Smell


    Can you smell a musty and unbearable smell when you enter your house? This could be is because of the black mold growth in your space. The worst part is that it indicates that the mold has greatly spread, and it’s hard to remove it with a simple thing like vinegar.

    When you notice a musty smell, don’t wait and call a mold removal professional. Tell them about the odor coming from your home, and they will help you identify the source of the problem.


    The Area has been wet previously Due to Water Damage


    It becomes imperative to call an expert when any area in your house experiences water damage. Any place that accumulates moisture over a period of several days or weeks has a great chance of developing mold issues.

    If you have dealt with water damage in the last few days, it’s better to hire an expert and let them see whether any mold is growing in the hidden Ares. This will help you solve the issues even when it fully develops.


    Causing Respiratory Issues, Rashes, or other Symptoms of Mold Exposure


    Have you noticed the development of any health issues in your or your family member? This is when you need to call an expert. Professionals will help you ensure that you are not facing a problem due to mold growth.

    They will thoroughly check your house and check the corner and hidden areas to see mold growth.


    The Molded Area is Located next to Any Type of Heating and Cooling System


    Has the mold affected your ventilation or HVAC system? In that case, it’s not wise to solve the issue without contacting an expert. Professionals will clean the space and tell you why the mold has grown in this Area.

    Hiring a Utah mold removal expert will also help you protect your heating and cooling system. You can increase the lifespan of your system and save money on replacing or repairing it.


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