At Serveantage, we are a community built on trust, honesty, and reliability. We have dedicated our time and efforts to giving you valid information, notwithstanding if you are a business owner or a customer. Your trust is important to us as your patronage and presence. We recognize that information is the new oil; individuals and organizations make the best decision with the correct information. Serveantage prioritizes giving helpful tips to our customers to guide them in making the best decisions without any worry about trust or their privacy. Serveantage is continually working hard to maintain long-standing confidence and trust. We will continue to make our community bound by honesty and correct information. Shoppers at Serveantage acknowledge and trust they can constantly shop and interact with confidence. Therefore, any services or products listed should be top quality and original. The advertisement or sale of services and products that fail to reach this standard, including any services and products illegally duplicated, or produced, is forbidden at Serveantage.

At Serveantage, we frown at any act of dishonesty; hence strict sanctions will be enforced to deal with defaulters. At Serveantage, our joy, duty, and priority provide a satisfactory connection to customers and unique local businesses.

So much depends on Dignity

At Serveantage, we are a community that gives a platform for businesses to build a good reputation, maintaining their Dignity through the excellent and factual reviews from their customers. Customers go to any length to verify reviews; some prefer your business using oral tradition rather than experiences from your product or service. Through this method, your business can build a reliable reputation from customers’ good reviews and earn new customers while maintaining a high level of trust from pre-existing customers. For your business to earn the high reputation you desire, business owners must create unique products and services.

At Serveantage, we make it a priority to access services and product originality carefully. It is a mandatory responsibility for business owners to reference, advertise and sell only original services and products. The sale of fake or counterfeit services and products is an infringement on customer trust. An unhappy customer can post a negative product review and rate your product poorly. The sale of fake commodities and services endangers your business growth. This process puts your business reputation at stake and reduces your future potential. At the same time, cases of Intellectual Property Prosecution and any disputes between brands can be resolved in court.

At Serveantage, we are dedicated to showcasing business content as long as it shows genuine experiences that customers share or need.

Integrity and fair play

Authenticity & reliability

At Serveantage, we retain a policy prohibiting business owners from asking their customers for review. Your review is expected to be a first-hand business experience; it should be derived personally. Customer reviews should be given willingly; no business owner should ask customers to provide good reviews through force or favor. Also, customers shouldn’t be coaxed to bring down a bad review. In this way, potential customers can rely on the studies that have been given earlier because you know it is genuine and authentic. 

At Serveantage, we have developed sophisticated software designed to automatically recommend products or services that are the most reliable. You can trust our community.

Alert the community

Fight misinformation

Unfortunately, It is worrisome that there is much misinformation, fake information, and deceitful acts and personality online. Cases of misinformation and phony Information can make customers suspicious and question some online tips. It is highly intolerable at Serveantage.

At Serveantage, we are a platform built on solid rules and regulations, and it’s a standard that business owners, consumers, and the community are protected from misinformation and fake news. Any misinformation or fake news can be reported via our helpline.

At Serveantage, we have a responsive customer care team; our customer care team is active 24/7 and ready to hear customers’ complaints, and defaulters will be dealt with according to the laid down sanctions with immediate effect.

Data you want to know

At Serveantage, we understand that it can be challenging to choose a business; hence, you have to consider many aspects carefully. The Serveantage community is created to give everyone a fantastic shopping experience. At Serveantage, we support business owners with unique features to make their choices comfortably. This will help both customers and business owners to make the right decisions and avoid going through any form of stress.

Other helpful information that will help users have a fantastic experience with Serveantage

The usage of the content and other information should follow the general terms and conditions of Serveantage, and all information should be detailed, comprehensive, and credible. 

Information, comments, and contents should never be abusive, improper, X-rated, or sexually explicit; At Serveantage, Information, comments, and contents should never depict violence explicitly or graphically.

Information, comments, and contents should never be blasphemous or violate racial or religious rights; neither should information, comments, or contents be deceptive, fraudulent, life-threatening, abusive, harassing, anti-social, menacing, or unpleasant. Information and contents should never be illegal or unlawful or infringe on any other user’s legitimate rights, as users have equal rights as laid down in the guidelines. User’s information, comment, and content must not violate any copyright, moral right, database right, trademark right, design right, property right or right of privacy, and right under data protection laws. The review option in the platform should be utilized to facilitate buyer reviews on products and services. It shall not use the review option or any other means of communication to provide false reviews. Users are strongly advised never to initiate payment to anyone without solid verification; Serveantage will never ask users to disclose financial information such as credit card details personally. Users are strongly advised to be financially alert to ensure safety.

Don’t engage in any shady association regardless of its benefits. The Serveantage team is making conscious efforts to deal with matters arising from financial irregularities; your help is helpful to ensure a safe and sound environment.